Rare Blue Lobster Caught in Massachusetts by 13-Year-Old Boy

by Halle Ames

Adam Carpenter, a 13-year-old boy from Plymouth, Massachusetts, catches a rare one in 200 million blue lobster. 

To the disbelief of the young fisherman, when he opened his lobster traps last Friday, one of the lobsters was definitely different from the others. One was blue. 

“I’d seen YouTube videos of blue lobsters before but never thought I would catch one,” said Adam, who just got his lobster license this summer. “I was shocked!”

Christie Carpenter, Adam’s mother, says her son was in disbelief. “He called me on his cell, and he was so excited. He kept yelling, ‘Mom, I caught a blue lobster!’”

According to the University of Maine Lobster Institute, the lobster’s blue color is a rare mutation that happens maybe once in every 200 million lobster. 

While the lobster’s color isn’t bright blue, the blue is still recognizable next to another brown one. 

Adam might be new lobstering, but this isn’t his first time hunting for crustaceans. Adam has been helping his father, Jamie, for years with the family’s oyster farm. The boy will go out and check his 24 traps every three days in the summer. The lobsters he catches gets sold to a buyer in town. 

“It’s sort of like gambling,” says Carpenter. “You never know if you are going to find an empty pot or have it filled with lobsters. One of the good things is you get muscles from hauling the traps.”

What Next for the Rare Lobster?

The fisherman is still weighing out his options on what to do with the rare find. He has the blue lobster hidden in a secret location in the bay, so it may remain healthy and safe until he decides what its future holds. 

A blue lobster can sell for as much as $500 to restaurants that want to show them off in tanks, but Carpenter has a different idea of what he wants to do with his treasured find. The fisherman is considering donating the animal to a place that will take good care of it. 

“I might give it to the New England Aquarium,” he said. “They’ll give it a good home.”

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