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Rare Coral Reef Discovered in Perfect Condition: Here’s Why

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Alexis Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

Have you ever seen a coral reef? Well, researchers recently discovered a rare sighting of one. Find out more about it below!

Unfortunately, coral reefs have been in danger due to several common factors. Some of which include overfishing in certain areas and pollution, according to a recent report. However, researchers discovered one coral reef that appears to be almost perfect. It kind of seems a little unreal.

The reef is located somewhere in Tahiti. A further report said who discovered the reef first.

“The reef was discovered by a local researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research during a recreational dive with a local diving club,” according to Fox News.

As soon as they found it, officials wanted to study it as soon as possible. According to Fox News, the coral reef is two miles long and sits in deeper areas of bodies of water. They estimated it to be 115 to 230 feet deep.

Researchers Face Many Challenges Underneath the Sea

The news outlet said researchers faced difficult challenges when they found this unbelievable sighting. Since it’s so far underneath the water, they could only spend a little amount of time searching for it. Each diver spent a total of 200 hours by the coral reef. After all, it’s worth every minute when you find something as cool as this.

Without coral reefs, oceans wouldn’t be what they are today. That is, they’re a very important feature.

Additionally, Fox News shared a must-know fact regarding the importance of coral reefs.

“About 14 percent of the world’s coral reefs died between 2009 and 2018.”

No further updates are available at this time. However, researchers are continuously working on the development of new ways to explore the unknown. Hopefully, this allows them to find more reefs in the future!

The World Gives Back to Coral Reefs

Last year, a company in Florida, Eternal Reefs, used cremated human remains to keep the reefs alive. Some people would be all for this decision, but others are going to be a little on edge with it. It’s hard to imagine the marine life as human remains, isn’t it? But if it’s going to save the ocean, then that’s all that matters.

These reefs are extremely valuable for not only the ocean but for humans too. With that said, millions of people rely on them for food, livelihoods, cultural practices, and even economic benefits, according to NOAA Fisheries.

For those of you that don’t know, the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program leads the agency’s research on the recent discoveries. They decide on how to restore them or keep them healthy for the future. It’s all about keeping our oceans alive and well.