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Rarely-Seen Wolverines Are Frequent Stars of This Canadian Trail-Cam

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

Wolverine sightings are certainly not a common occurrence these days. Generally, any kind of encounter with a wolverine is uncommon. Recently, a wolverine sighting in Yellowstone National Park made major headlines across the country. One guide within the wildly popular national park notes that the sighting was so rare, that it was “as if time stood still.”

However, recently, a few wolverines have been making much more regular appearances here and there. With one bunch of these wild animals becoming the stars of a Canadian Trail-Cam!

Sometimes the Elusive Wolverine Makes Suprise Appearances

Wolverines usually reside in high-altitude areas known for dense vegetation, which often leads to fabulous areas for the nocturnal creatures. In fact, the regions in which these fairly isolated animals often choose to settle can be so dense and isolated that the animals sometimes travel as much as 15 miles per day while hunting for food. However, one Canadian trail camera set-up caught a group of wolverines doing their thing on the regular over six months.

“Often described as rare and elusive, wolverines proved otherwise in 2021,” notes David Troup, a representative of Yukon Wildlife Cams in a recent Facebook post. The post features footage of wolverines doing what wolverines do best in the wild. Check out this awesome footage here.

“This is a six-month compilation,” Troup says. “From mid-May to mid-November across multiple cameras.”

A Canadian Trail-Cam Catches Some Awesome Footage Rarely Seen Wolverines Just Living Their Lives

The trail cam footage shows a group of wolverines living in the wild. Some of the wolverines saunter on-screen and hang out for a bit. Others can be seen making their mark in the area. At one point, we can even see one of the animals as it carries something that looks like it could be an egg in its mouth. At other points in the video, we see how fierce wolverines can be. Or, the result of their apparent fearlessness as a few are shown on the footage with what looks to be porcupine quills in their faces.

Experts Believe These Wolverines Are Members Of One Family

The footage catches as many as six separate wolverines showing off some of their regular daytime and nighttime behaviors over six months. A group that Troup notes is very likely part of one family.

“So this family, although now dispersed, stayed in this general area,” Troup explains.

“And that would explain the more prolific [camera] captures this year,” he adds.

Wolverines are the largest member of the weasel family and can weigh up to 40 pounds. They are ferocious predators, hunting mostly smaller mammals. However, they have been known to attack and kill animals even larger than they are.