Red Stag Deer Appears Out of Thin Air, Trucks Hunter in Near-Fatal Encounter: VIDEO

by Amanda Glover

This does not look like the best season to be a deer or a hunter based on a recent video.

In a recently posted video shared on Twitter, a large red stag deer crashes into a Polish hunter after magically appearing from the tall brush. Is it just me, or does it remind you guys of that scene in The Lion King where Nala surprises Pumbaa by leaping out of the grass?

The magnificent creature was clearly an unexpected surprise. I even jumped a little when watching the deer come straight for the hunter and the camera. He didn’t even have time to react to the incident before falling to the ground. Thankfully, the hunter survived.

According to an article on Whiskey Riff, the deer’s antler spikes did quite the damage to the hunter. The unlucky hunter gives readers some more insight into what happened out there.

“Stag turns in my direction and hits my head with his antlers. I didn’t pass out but I was struggling to get up for 10 minutes with blood coming out from the left eye area. One of the antler spikes broke my skull in the eye socket area. Then it went slightly into my brain,” said the hunter.

After the frightening event, the hunter ended up spending nearly a month in the hospital and required two surgeries. Luckily, he made it out alive.

At first, the hunter did not have time to properly judge the deer. Due to Polish hunting regulations on harming red stags, the hunter showed him mercy.

According to the hunter, almost all red deer choose to run away from hunters. However, it looks like the hunter ran into one of the few brave enough to approach a human.

Deer Gets Rescued Stuck On Frozen Lake

Well, it looks like not all deer are ramming into people these days. In 2020, a good samaritan saves a deer stranded on a frozen lake. However, a video of the event made its way back online in late January 2022.

Wisconsin resident, Gil Lencour worked to rescue the deer while his friend and boss filmed the event. Lencour saw the deer and pushed the deer to safety. His slip-resistant ice cleat devices worn over his boots helped him safely get the job done. Thankfully, he knew the ice would be strong enough to walk on.

On the way home from lunch, Lencour saw the deer sitting in the middle of the frozen water alone. When he saw the deer trying to stand up on the ice by itself, he decided to start pushing. Thankfully, the deer and Lencour made it back to dry ground in one piece.

“I could slide her across the ice and just kept going, and got to the shore, and she took off,” said Lencour.