Remains of Missing Fisherman Found inside Monstrous Crocodile

by Will Shepard

It always seems that something wild is happening with nature in Australia. This time, though, authorities in Queensland, Australia found the remains of a missing fisherman inside of a crocodile.

According to news reports, Andrew Heard went out fishing on an Island recently and never came back. During the investigation into the missing fisherman, authorities found human remains inside of a 13.8-foot crocodile.

This incredible situation only came about because the crocodile was caught and killed. Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) captured and dispatched the animal. They also killed a 10-foot crocodile in connection with the missing fisherman.

At a news conference about the missing fisherman Heard, the Queensland Police explained why they had to kill both crocodiles. Andrew Cowie says that both of the crocodiles were near where the fisherman went missing. Therefore, they needed to get both of the crocodiles to make certain they found Heard.

“I believe that we’ve got the two crocodiles involved. This is a tragic incident. It’s very important that people are always aware of their circumstances. Anywhere in the north, if you’re in the bush, you have snakes, and if you’re on the water, you have crocodiles.”

Massive Crocodile Killed the Missing Fisherman

The Queensland Police were able to find the two crocodiles because the missing fisherman’s boat was there. Additionally, there was a lot of damage to the boat, suggesting that a crocodile, or two, had ambushed Heard.

Andrew Cowie underscores just how careful people need to be when heading out fishing near crocodiles.

“Always make sure you tell people where you’re going, always make sure you have appropriate safety equipment, always make sure you’re able to get to that safety equipment if you need to, in a hurry. Please be very careful.”

Another fisherman had trouble with a massive crocodile earlier in the year. He told CNN’s 7News that his run-in with the crocodile was about the same spot where Heard went missing. Luke Nation explains that a 15-foot crocodile had come up and bumped his boat.

“He would have been the length of my boat. It scared us. He definitely was giving us our marching orders, I think.”

Although crocodile attacks are not uncommon in Queensland, they still catch many people off guard. DES and the Queensland Authorities are constantly reminding people in any way possible to be careful. There are many stories of people attacked after being unaware of a crocodile’s presence.