Remote Trail Cam Footage Shows Stunning Array of Rarely-Seen Wildlife

by Amanda Glover

Wildlife trail cam footage in Canada’s Yukon Territory recently captured footage of five different animals using the same trail in a week. Maybe you’ll find the moose’s glowing eyes scary, maybe not. But watching every animal is certainly an interesting sight to see from a distance — my distance being safely indoors over 1,000 miles away.

At a Glance

  • Yukon Wildlife Preserve is a preserve offering nature programs & views of elk, moose & other animals.
  • The video shows a wolf, two black bears, a wolverine, a moose, and a lynx.
  • The video was taken in July 2021 from a wildlife camera.

On Monday morning, David Troup, who operates the Yukon Wildlife Cams, shared the fascinating video to Facebook. He edited the footage captured last July 11-18. The caption reads, “Amazing diversity for just a week at this single location in July beginning with a sub-adult wolf than a pair of scrawny young black bears; an eye-popping wolverine saunters by, followed by a moose and finally a lynx that squats to do some marking.”

Troup monitors the 15 motion-sensor cameras in the Yukon wilderness for potential Facebook posts, hoping to showcase the region’s wildlife. He also said the animal movement is much more frequent in mid-summer.

Facebook users shared their excitement for the video in the comments. One user even pointed out how one of the animals popped up in the video while walking in the opposite direction as the other animals. “I like how the moose sneaks by in the dark going the opposite direction! Lol!” she said.

Troup discussed the footage with For The Win Outdoors. “That video is a lot of rear ends although it still showcases a nice diversity of some iconic Yukon wildlife. The only other mammals I’ve captured at this exact location are grizzly bears and coyotes. So five species in a week is somewhat prolific,” he said.

Lucky for those who enjoyed this exciting trail cam footage, Troup plans to expand his operation this year!

Bobcat Kills Rattlesnake in Intense Footage Captured on Trail Cam

Trail cam footage is the way to watch wild animals in their natural habitat without having to risk your safety. However, that didn’t stop this San Fernando bobcat from making a rattlesnake its toy.

Early this month, the video originally posted by photographer Robert Martinez resurfaced online. In the video, the bobcat is seen killing a rattlesnake along a trail in Angeles National Forest near San Fernando, California in October 2020. Martinez shared the video through Browning Trail Cams. However, under the video, a few people in the comments said that it was actually a lynx rather than a bobcat. Others found themselves more interested in the action rather than the animal’s species.

“That bobcat knew what it was doing as if it had done this before. Confident, hungry. Wild critters rarely risk death for a meal. Bobcat looked more confident than starving,” one commenter wrote.