Rescuers Come to Aid of 87 Runners Stranded on Utah Trail After Snow Storm

by Michael Freeman

Ultramarathons are even longer than a standard marathon, truly testing a person’s endurance. Yesterday in Utah, disaster struck ultramarathon runners when winter conditions stranded them on a trail. Miraculously, rescuers were able to help all 87 of them.

PEOPLE reports Davis County Utah saw over a foot of snow during its ultramarathon yesterday. The DC Peaks 50 race, as it’s called, is a 50-mile race that began at 5 a.m. local time. A few hours into the event, severe weather conditions coupled with low temperatures spelled trouble for participants. With over a foot of snow falling and wind speeds over 30 miles per hour, runners soon became trapped at Francis Peak.

Jake Kilgore, the race director, told The New York Times about the snow surprising them. “It was raining at the starting line, and it had forecasted rain. Nobody had forecasted over a foot of snow at Francis Peak. Nobody.”

Search and rescue crews began helping runners around 9:30 a.m., with all athletes being accounted for by 2:45 p.m. Davis County Sheriff Kelly V. Sparks addressed what happened in a statement during a press release.

“The rapid and collaborative response of our Search and Rescue volunteers, race organizers, and first responders from multiple agencies, resulted in minimal injuries and all runners returning home safely today,” Sparks said. “I extend my deep gratitude to everyone involved in this rescue effort.”

Though several runners received hypothermia treatment, there were no fatalities. Ultramarathon participant Alex Michael spoke to ABC4 News and thanked first responders and the race directors. “I have to say, I was so utterly impressed by the race directors responding so quickly.”

Thief Steals 60-Pound Prized Pumpkin from Utah Family

In slightly more festive Utah-related news, a family known for gardening grew a monstrous 60-pound pumpkin recently. However, it seems pumpkin-envy may have gotten the better of someone, as a thief stole the family’s prized possession.

Living in American Fork, Utah, the Batty family enjoys gardening and was devastated their pumpkin went missing. Speaking to KSL News, Dusen Batty noted her frustration. “It’s the largest one we ever grew. Everybody sees it and everybody is going, ‘I like your pumpkin. That is a huge pumpkin.’ And it’s like, yeah, we’re getting excited, you know? But it disappeared!”

The family made sure to let the thief know of their contempt, at least. Dusten told the news outlet she used plastic cups to spell a message along her chain link fence. “You are scum who stole our pumpkin,” the message simply states.

More than just a way to vent, Dusten hopes it will make the person feel guilty. “I hope they feel they did wrong and hopefully they don’t do it again,” she said. “Respect other people’s property.”