Rhino and Buffalo Battle it Out in Rare Fight Caught on Film

by Matthew Memrick

Video of a South African Rhino-Buffalo fight is “extremely rare,” but now one ranger can say he’s recorded two separate fights on a game reserve.

Ranger-guide Wayne Deryck Howarth recently filmed a white rhinoceros in a head-to-head battle with a ferocious buffalo at the Kariega Game Reserve, according to USA Today.

In the short clip, the tour group is amazed by the fight, with one person saying, “(the buffalo) doesn’t back down, does he?”

Both combatants push each other around, with the massive rhino driving the buffalo around. Both fighters go to toe-to-toe, or rather, horn-to-horns in a circle. Neither wants to back down, and that’s how the video clip ends.

In comparison, rhinos can weigh in at close to 6,000 pounds, while this buffalo usually clears 1,500 pounds. 

Kariega Game Reserve posted the Facebook video, saying, “the incredible strength of both species is on display here as well as the obstinate nature of the buffalo!” 

As the animals fought, some buffalo gathered. A female rhino and her calf looked on from a distance. 

Video Same as Fight from Three Years Ago?

Howarth is said to have captured similar footage from three years ago. He thinks it could have been the same rhino and buffalo combination. 

The reserve reported that his particular male rhino had a thing for the female rhino and was “probably full of romance and testosterone.”

Howarth told the tour group that they likely witnessed “an extremely rare sighting.” 

While both beasts are very protective of their territory, the 

Another Fight Down at the Reserve?

The India Times reported on another rhino-versus-buffalo encounter back in October.

This time, the video clip is closer with more heart-pumping action as the rhino rolls the buffalo over. The rhino plays with the buffalo before using its horns to toss the buffalo into the air and slam it down. Your high school wrestling coach would be proud. Just kidding.

The buffalo runs off back into its herd, hoping that it could hide among the others from the embarrassment of going up against two tons of power.

Safari tour guide Braden Colling and his group drove around the reserve when they saw a possible fight about to break out. Never mind, they could have ended up the fight as bystanders. But fortunately, nothing happened.

Colling told the Daily Mail that the whole fight “blew his mind.”

“Fortunately, neither of the animals had any injuries, which was surprising because the buffalo was flipped head over heels,” the tour guide added. 

OK, OK, Now Do a Hippo and a Rhino

Could a hippo and a rhino do battle? My 4-year-old would like to know.

Both beasts are protective of their territory, but it’s the hippo that’s more aggressive. As for two male rhinos, that could be fun.

The website How It Works Daily said male hippos like to do severe damage by biting each other. The rhino can do considerable damage by charging with its big ol’ horn, but the biting hippo probably gets the edge.