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Riley Green Shares Amazing Video of Hunting Face Paint Hack

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Country artist and hunting enthusiast Riley Green is giving you the green light to use whatever is necessary to finagle the perfect hunting face paint.

Riley Green captioned his recent Instagram video, writing: “Always keep that cork on me.” 

When Riley Green Forgets to Put His Hunting Face On

The video states “When you forget to put on makeup,” as Riley smiles in the surrounding forestry.

He quite impressively demonstrates burning the bottom of a cork until it’s turned into a blackened color. After cooling down, Green takes the black ashes seeped into the cork and rubs it onto his cheeks and nose.

However, here is the real question.

Who actually goes on a hunting mission with a cork in their pocket, unless a mimosa-fueled brunch is held during the expedition?

Killing Two Birds With One Cork

If that’s the case then the champagne bottles have been popped, and the corks can be used to kill two birds with one stone. Both in a literal and figurative meaning. The cork can be used to disguise your face so the target doesn’t see you among the bushes as you take aim and fire, in the hopes of striking a turkey or other bird.

But the saying can also be used to express the popping of bottles in order to quench your thirst. As well as being a face painting stick if you didn’t have time to put on makeup that morning. Once again, killing two birds with one stone, without actually killing any birds.

Before Camo and Hunting Face Paint Hit the Shelves

Before camo-paint hit store shelves, military members fighting on the frontlines would use mud to smear on their faces and clothes. This technique helped them blend into the landscape. Shoe polish became the next go-to face mask.

During the daytime, it’s important to cover all of the exposed skin with a base coat. Then, add a darker color to the highlights of your face. These include your nose, cheeks, and chin.

Riley Green did a pretty good job on the nose and cheeks. However, he missed the chin and had no base coat. The primary goal in painting the face this way is to appear as a flat surface, blending in with your surroundings.

When camouflaging your face, the best approach is to use paint, a bandana, foliage, or a mask. These items help you blend into your environment.

Does and Mimosas, Bucks and Champagne

Or just sip on some champagne while waiting for the perfect shot. Rub the black ashes on your face from the cork. An idea many would never think of.

Congratulations on ingenuity, Riley Green! Follow the advice on his Instagram caption, and never leave home without a cork.