LOOK: Russian Fisherman Reels In Scary-Looking Catch, Calls It ‘Frankenstein’s Fish’

by Dustin Schutte

Jaws meets Frankenstein. That might be the best way to describe the fish recently discovered by Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsav. Even those descriptors aren’t enough to paint a picture of this creature, which gives off the appearance of a water-damaged jigsaw puzzle.

This unique-looking fish was recently found by Fedortsav, a deep-sea fisherman who works on a trawler. Through his Instagram account, Fedortsav has shared numerous photos of odd-looking creatures found from the depths of the water. One of his latest finds captivated the masses.

Remember the scene in Finding Nemo when Marlin and Dory find themselves face-to-face with the odd-looking anglerfish? You might have flashbacks to that moment when you blurted out, “What on earth is that?!” when you see this discovery.

It’s as if Peter Benchley and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley were in charge of brainstorming the perfect Halloween horror-fish … and Pablo Picasso was responsible for the artistry. Appropriately, Fedortsav has nicknamed this strange discovery “Frankenstein’s Fish.”

For those who like to avoid venturing into the ocean because of the creatures that lie beneath the waves, look away. This fish – although rare – will do nothing to help your deep-sea anxiety.

What’s Stranger? Odd Fish or Fish Swallowing Odd Items?

Sometimes, finding a strange fish isn’t the highlight of a conversation. It could be the items found inside the fish that make for a really interesting party story.

A fisherman in Indiana reeled in his first blue catfish while spending time on the Ohio River. Once the excitement was over, the angler and his friend noticed something looked a little different with this particular fish. Particularly, they spotted some strange bumps in the catfish’s belly.

“We noticed the stomach was hard but didn’t expect this to come of it,” Richard Kesar said on Facebook.

When Kesar took the fish under the knife, he discovered a foam ball and an adult toy. That undoubtedly added to the weight of the fisherman’s prized blue catfish. It also provided him with one of the more unique – and hilarious – stories to share the next time he’s on the water.

Keep an eye out the next time your fishing in the Ohio River, Outsiders. You don’t know what you might come across.