Salmon Poacher Busted Twice in One Day Before Day Somehow Gets Worse

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ron Wurzer/Getty Images)

Poaching is a terrible thing to do. One salmon poacher recently faced the wrath of Karma for his misdeeds. His day just kept getting worse.

Imagine you get caught for poaching and then you keep doing it and get caught in a different area, ON THE SAME DAY! Some folks just don’t learn. Two different officers cited the poacher for catching fish in closed areas. When he was caught in one spot, he moved on to the other. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police made an announcement that it wasn’t his only unfortunate circumstance that day.

“After being contacted and cited by two fish and wildlife officers on two different closed water bodies, the individual wrecked his vehicle on Hwy 101 near Potlach,” according to USAToday.

After he and three other anglers were cited for “blatantly violating” the rules, the man found himself in an automobile accident on the highway nearby. Officials with Fish and Wildlife had a comment on the matter. “After such a bad-luck day, the subject may reconsider poaching in Pierce and Mason County streams.”

The man wasn’t alone in his wrongdoings. There were three others that had lines in the water. They had tried to fish in the Minter Creek hatchery zone. The area is set up to protect the species and allow them to migrate and spawn through narrow intake areas. When Officer Summit gave him the second citation, he realized the violator had been cited 90 minutes earlier near Hoodsport. Nine salmon were seized from the four poaching fishermen.

The salmon poacher had marked his catch card after catching the fish in Hoodsport. However, he told Officer Jewitt that he had given those fish away. Which was a lie. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Department has been busy.

Salmon Poacher Caught in Rowboat by Washington Officials

When it comes to poaching, the state of Washington takes things seriously. So, it isn’t surprising that officers will go undercover. While it isn’t like what you see on TV, it is still an operation worth celebrating. Despite a quiet rowboat, one salmon poacher was still caught in the act.

Around Snow Creek officials caught the poaching fisherman. While the man rowed out to the water, Sgt. Kit Rosenberger guessed correctly that the man was out for some illegally caught salmon. His hunch was right, so he watched the man catch and keep four salmon. It is legal to fish in the area, however, there is a limit to just two hatchery fish total.

After he had seen the salmon poacher in the act and had enough to make his move. The officer motioned for the fisherman to come near the shore and when he was in shouting distance, revealed he was with the DFW. He lied about the fish he had and was also cited for not having safety equipment on his boat.