Shark Attack: 55-Year-Old Man Killed 100 Feet Off Beach

by Madison Miller

A tragic and fatal shark attack happened this morning.

A 55-year-old man was killed Sunday in Western Australia on one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

According to the New York Post, the man was attacked at around 8:40 a.m. while he was bodyboarding only 100 feet from the shore of Cable Beach.

The man was seen thrashing in the water before a couple rushed to the scene and quickly pulled him out.

He had suffered injuries beyond repair to both his leg and hand. The man was treated by local police officers before an ambulance arrived, but died as a result of the injuries at the scene.

According to CNN, Cable Beach is closed for patrols. These patrols will last until tonight and then resume Monday morning. Beachgoers are urged to remain cautious and report shark sightings.

This is the eight shark attack in Australia, there hasn’t been that many shark-related deaths since 1934, according to the Taronga Conservation Society Australia.

In fact, last year there were no shark attacks reported.

Are Shark Attacks on the Rise?

With an increase in shark-related deaths and attacks in the headlines, some are looking for answers as to why this may be happening.

The simplest answer is not that sharks have become more blood-thirsty for humans. Rather, there are just more humans around.

According to LiveScience, sharks are not attacking people more frequently, instead, populations of people are growing. This is especially true for coastal areas. There are also more people interested in aquatic recreational activities like swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.

Also, sharks and humans enjoy the same nearshore ocean zones. So it’s no surprise that the two meet and the shark attacks in its natural territory. Florida continues to be the No.1 shark attack state, with years of high attack rates showing no foreseeable change in that statistic.

Humans also, through overfishing and other means, kill millions of sharks every year.

The most recent attack in the U.S. seen in headlines was in May in California. A great white attacked within 100 yards of shore.

AJC said in an article that there was a one in 738 million chance of being bitten by a great white shark. The odds increase with surfers and scuba divers.

Thankfully, the odds are overwhelmingly in us humans’ favor.