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Sharks Attack Beachgoers Two Days in a Row Near Daytona Beach

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: WSL/World Surf League via Getty Images)

Two sharks have bitten beachgoers in the “shark attack capital” two days in a row now near Daytona Beach.

Residents of Volusia County are no strangers to shark attacks. Known as the “shark attack capital” of the world, evidence is bountiful. This tweet from 2016, however, shows the sheer frequency of attacks the area produces:

According to the Daytona Beach News Journal, the shark attacks have started up again. A man has been bitten in Daytona Beach Shores, which marks the second day in a row that a shark attack has hit Volusia County.

Eric Bowman, 48, on vacation from North Carolina, was wading in waist-deep water when he felt something bite his left foot, according to an email from Volusia County Beach Safety Deputy Chief Andrew Ethridge.

Daytona Beach News Journal

Thankfully, the attack consisted of a single bite before the shark let off. Bowman refused medical transportation, but had to be treated at the site for the bite wound.

Sharks attack twice in less than 24 hrs

The attack comes less than 24 hours after a shark bit the hand of a surfer paddling out near the jetty in Ponce Inlet. The St. Augustine surfer, Cole Smyth, sustained more severe injuries.

Cole Smyth required 40 stitches and will undergo surgery on Thursday to repair the damage to his hand from what was believed to be either a bull shark or tiger shark which bit him on Tuesday.

Daytona Beach News Journal

The attacks on Smyth and Bowen make for a dozen shark incidents in Volusia Co. alone. This is remarkably high – especially considering shark attacks are down worldwide from the past years.

In turn, Smith knew how to repel the shark. Apparently one punch was enough to do the trick. If you ever find yourself the victim of a shark attack – strike out at the eyes and gills immediately. It is also best never to swim at dawn or dusk. This is when sharks are most active.

Any activity involving sharks – even fishing – is volatile and dangerous. Always use extreme caution when dealing with any shark species.

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