WATCH: Reported Bigfoot Sighting in Michigan Woods Has Internet Freaking Out About Its Authenticity

by Jon D. B.

New Bigfoot Footage Alert! This Michigan sighting is either the most significant hard evidence of the 21st century – or, well, you decide!

Whatever it is this video captures crossing the Cass River in Michigan looks a whole lot like Bigfoot.

At least one Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization (RSMO) Investigator, Kyle Shaw, has seen the footage. His verdict?

“I’m not saying this is Bigfoot, and I’m not saying it isn’t,” he tells Ladbible Tuesday. “This is obviously shot with a cell phone at 880×656 resolution. It’s 30 frames per second. It isn’t the greatest footage,” he continues. Yet here we are with this peculiar reel.

“It’s all we have to go with so you be the judge on what you think it is. I don’t know what it is,” Shaw admits. Let’s do just that, shall we? Give it a watch for yourself below, courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization’s YouTube:

Michigan Bigfoot Video Crossing Cass River

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

The footage clearly shows an enormous, brownish, heavy-set bipedal creature wading through the Cass River. It looks to be carrying something, too – cradling it well above the water. Scale is hard to achieve from the video’s angle, but whatever it is isn’t small. We’ll say that.

Investigator Shaw, however, sees a whole lot more happening here.

“A lot of what’s going on in this says to me it’s something moving through the river, pushing a wake, and it appears to be carrying an infant.”

You read that right. We not only have Bigfoot – but Son of Bigfoot, too. It was only a matter of time.

“The infant’s head is behind the mother or father,” Shaw continues. “It must be lying on the left shoulder and kind of in the back, but you can see the torso, leg, and foot of the baby. Just incredible.”

Now there’s an answer we’d expect from a Bigfoot Investigator.

The Internet Weighs in on 2021 Michigan Bigfoot Footage

As of this article, the RSMO Bigfoot video has near 200k views, with over 700 commenters weighing in on the phenomenon. And as one would expect, most YouTubers are experts with a diagnosis of their own.

“It’s a heavy set man with a lot of fishing gear and waders on,” says YouTuber Carlos.

Likeminded Mr. Quincy echoes with: “Looks like a guy in waders crossing the Cass River… Alot of people fish there.”

“It’s a man in waders with a mosquito net over his head,” another YouTuber offers in kind.

And it would be downright wrong not to include Justin C.’s conclusion: “Easy to conclude that it’s a heavy set bigfoot wearing fishing waders and a mosquito net and carrying his dog across the river so it can stay dry.”


Other commenters are taking the Bigfoot footage more seriously.

“If you or I saw this we would film it until it was no longer visible. I think the reason its so short is because it was originally much longer, but its been clipped up to the point where its difficult to tell its someone in waders crossing a river with a deer,” argues one sharp user.

This could very well be the case. But so could Bigfoot. Sam Elliott says so.

Until recent Bigfoot bounties put a specimen in hand, however, the mystery remains.