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Snake Quickly Attacks Glass in Dizzying, Creepy Video

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Carl De Souza/AFP via Getty Images)

You can put away the coffee because this video of a snake striking at its enclosure make its way around Instagram should be enough to give you that morning jolt.

The video is as short as is it awe-inspiring. The snake — identified by commenters as a saw-scaled viper — is in an enclosure. It’s coiled and slithering in place. Then, and seemingly without provocation, it strikes at the wall. The strike is unbelievably fast, and it makes the idea of meeting this thing in the wild terrifying.

Commenters were stunned the snake’s speed.

“Damn nature you scary,” one person wrote.

“Oh okay so there’s no dodging that. Good 2 know,” someone else said.

But there are ways to protect yourself if you do happen across snakes like this in the wild, experts say

If you plan to go on hikes or into terrain where snakes could live, always wear long pants and boots. Stay on trails and well-trodden paths. If you do see a snake, leave it alone. Be careful when turning over rocks or logs — snakes often hide beneath them. And never travel alone in the woods whenever possible.

Snake Tries to Eat Woman in her Sleep

It could have been worse. This snake at least was contained, but one Australian woman woke up to find a snake trying to eat her whole.

Lea-Ann Mears woke up while a nonvenomous 12-foot Australian scrub python tried make her its dinner. She and the snake had lived within a few hundred feet of each other for years. Researchers at Macquarie University began tracking the python in 2014, but in March they noticed it had moved closer to Mears’ home.

She had two children so experts told her to keep the doors and windows shut until they could figure out a way to move it. The snake had burrowed beneath a nearby shipping container and researchers couldn’t remove or relocate it right away.

But she ignored the advice and opened her bedroom door to deal with a heatwave. At around 2:30 one night she felt the massive python slithering up her leg and began to coil around her body.

She was somehow about to escape and trap the snake in the kitchen until professional help could arrive. She didn’t have any serious injuries from the incident.