‘Sneaky’ Alligator Hides Under Unaware Florida Family’s Car

by Jon D. B.

Only in Florida: This six-foot alligator took up shop in an unsuspecting family’s driveway, lurking right beneath their car.

Imagine walking out to your car in the middle of the night only to find a large alligator looking up at you. That’s exactly what would have happened to one Florida man had local police not been on the ball. The shock visitor came to Collier County’s Immokalee Apartments where it hid under a resident’s vehicle, seen below. Collier County Sheriff’s Office has the details – and photos.

“Deputies spotted a 6 foot alligator crossing W. Delaware Avenue into the Immokalee Apartments just before 3 a.m. this morning,” the precinct begins on Facebook. “The gator hid under a resident’s vehicle just before he came outside to retrieve something from his car.”

As the sheriff’s office notes, State Alligator Trappers responded to the scene. Once present, they were able to collect the 6-foot gator and relocate him to a “more suitable environment.”

Florida alligators seem to think anywhere is a suitable environment, however. From front porches to chicken coops, these massive reptiles make it clear to Floridians on a daily basis that it’s their state. Humans just live in it.

But that doesn’t make their presence any less dangerous for the ill-prepared. Thankfully, local officers would spot the alligator crossing the nearby street beforehand. Once it made its way into the apartment complex’s parking lot, they were able to track it to the vehicle it was hiding under. This may have saved the car’s owner – who was walking toward the vehicle at the time – a nasty encounter.

Sheriffs and Alligator Trappers: A Floridian’s Best Friend

Thumbing through the photos reveals officers helping the alligator trappers wrangle the 6-foot predator. Once secure, authorities would lift the bull up and place him into the back of a trapper’s pickup. Then, he was safely on his way.

All of the above would stop the situation from escalating as so many Florida gator encounters do. A specific happenstance comes to mind for this Outsider, in which a local took matters into his own hands in the most dramatic of fashion.

Armed only with his trash bin, another Florida man removed an aggressive alligator from his front. The footage is hysterical; if not a bit nerve-wracking.

“Somebody let me know when his head goes inside this thing!” the man shouts as he pursues his reptilian trespasser. The gator, as you can imagine, is far from happy with this ordeal; snapping and flailing about.

Watch the whole encounter here. But please note: Outsider is not saying you should ever try to tackle an aggressive alligator with your own trash bin. Please don’t. But a trash bin (or calling your local trappers) is always preferable over grabbing the nearest firearm. Relocation is conservation at its finest.