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South Carolina Town Offers Beautiful Year-Round Camping Spot Near River

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gordon Chibroski/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

We’ve started to get those few warm days at the end of winter that leave us itching for camping weather. So, for fellow Outsiders that have started to search for new places to stake their tents, you’ll want to add this South Carolina camping site to your list.

The Highlights

  • South Carolina camping spot is located in a small town
  • Spot is available year-round
  • You have direct access to Saluda River
  • You can catch catfish big enough to feed the whole campsite

South Carolina Camping Spot Has Prime Fishing Opportunities

Whether your favorite camping spot has become overcrowded or maybe you’re just up for a new adventure, Saluda River Resort has the remedy you need. Located in the tiny South Carolina town of Silverstreet (population 150), the campsite sits right on Saluda River which spans 200 miles through northern and western regions of the state. The most popular catch in the resort is catfish and striped bass. And while you might see more catfish in the summertime, you can hook a striper any time of year. Not to mention, the spot is perfect for anyone with a fishing boat or a couple of kayaks. The campground’s little canal allows you to launch and tie off with ease. Additionally, if you don’t own a watercraft, the resort has canoes for rent.

Just look at these massive catches from recent visitors of the South Carolina camping grounds.

This guest caught a 54.8-pound catfish during his stay.

And these aren’t the only types of fish you can find at the Saluda River Resort. Crappie and bream are also frequent biters in the area, too.

Saluda River Resort Provides Everything You Need Onsite

For those that want seclusion without giving up the basic amenities, you’re in luck. You won’t find a hotel-worthy bathroom, but the resort does have hot showers and toilets, so no need to claim your spot out in the woods.

Even better, there’s a camp store right next to the water, too. So, if you need extra food or firewood or even toothpaste, all you have to do is grab your wallet and walk 20 feet from your camp chair. Basically, the owners of the resort have carved out the perfect piece of paradise for Outsiders who just want to be on the water and by the fire all day and night.

And for those traveling with folks that are perhaps less adventurous, the South Carolina camping resort even has a pool – a real, chlorinated pool. So, while you’re throwing out a line, they can sunbathe on a chair and take a dip.

For Outsiders, this sounds like the perfect way to kick off camping season and score some once-in-a-lifetime catches. So, don’t be surprised if you see us one tent over with a hook in the water and a beer in our hands.