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South Carolina Woman Mauled to Death by Dogs, Coroner Says

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to officials, dogs mauled a South Carolina woman to death in the front yard of a house. Authorities found 32-year-old Jacqueline Nicole Robinson dead on Tuesday morning (Sept. 29).

They found her body in the yard on Allegra Lane in Gray Court, which is 78 miles northwest of Columbia. A home health aide discovered the body and notified the police. Animal control had to remove several dogs from the property. According to the New York Post, authorities have not revealed if it was the victim’s home. It is also unclear if she owned the dogs or their breed.

The coroner performed an autopsy on Sept. 30 to determine the cause of death. Laurens County Deputy Coroner Patti Canupp confirmed Robinson had died from injuries sustained in the mauling.

Local authorities are investigating the death of the South Carolina woman.

Local authorities are currently investigating the case and haven’t released any additional details. According to the news station WSPA, neighbor Toshianna Bennett said the dogs frequently ran loose on the property. She also said some of the dogs had been aggressive.

“Some of them was [sic] friendly, and some of them is [sic] mean and bark at you and growl at you sometimes,” she said. She was shocked to hear of Robinson’s death. “When I heard the news, it shocked me because like usually when she walk [sic] through the area, the dogs usually bark at her, but I ain’t never seen the dogs jump on her or nothing like that.”

During this time, Bennett said her thoughts and prayers are with Robinson’s family.

“She was like a sweet and a loving person to me,” Bennett said.

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