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South Dakota Governor in Twitter Battle with PETA After ‘Less COVID, More Hunting’ Video

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Chris Elise/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

South Dakota governor, Kristi Noem, has gone viral following a video showing her take on social distancing. The video shows her shooting down a bird then stating, “Less COVID, more hunting.” Twitter has a lot of feelings about it.

Response from PETA

The post now has nearly 140 thousand likes, but many of the comments are ones of extreme criticism. Without reservation, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) retweeted the video with their own commentary just hours later. “Are you bonkers or just cruel?” they ask the South Dakota governor.

People have commented their own remarks of disgust below PETA’s post. One user writes, “Does she really feel proud of that?! Disgusting” Another user comments, “Bonkers AND cruel!” Many others sent messages of hate to PETA calling them out for euthanizing animals, though.

PETA frequently replies to comments, both good and bad, linking to articles on their website or giving further information. They were not shy in firing back sassy remarks to users who critique them. One user commented below PETA’s original tweet, “Can you suggest a more efficient/humane way to get that bird to the dinner table?” PETA then snarkily links an article from their site, “What is a vegan?”

In another response by PETA, the organization replied to a user sharing an image of a huge buck he shot. PETA shot back a reply to the hunter, so as to insult his manhood. They simply link to an article titled, “New Research Finds Long-Suspected Link Between Hunting and Small Penis Size.” Ouch.

South Dakota governor fights back

The drama didn’t end there. As a matter of fact, Kristi Noem retweeted PETA’s post commenting on Noem’s original video. She adds her own remarks to PETA’s critique, targeting “the Left.”

As a result, Twitter users flooded her comments with anger and frustration. This Marine veteran mentions that he is a Trump-supporter and does not consider himself on the left side of politics, but that he greatly disagrees with Noem’s decision. “Hunt to hunt, but don’t kill for politics,” he writes. Many users also support his view.

Marianne Williamson, who has over 2 million followers, shared a critique defending “the Left”

Another user calls out Noem for allowing the recent Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which allegedly led to hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 cases.


Noem has previously given a statement on the rally, saying studies linking Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to COVID-19 cases are “actually not factual whatsoever.” She said at the time, “It’s fiction.” Her strong lack of remorse for the potentially morbid situation, quickly hit headlines. Noem presently faces media scrutiny again, for her controversial stance seen in the video on South Dakota social distancing.