South Dakota Woman Attacked by Bison While Attending Wedding

by Madison Miller

A couple decided to have a wedding in Custer State Park in South Dakota this weekend. A woman attending the wedding walked away with the valuable lesson to never get within 100 yards of a wild animal.

After the wedding, a couple was walking back to the cabin they were staying in. The couple spotted a bison herd in the arts festival field and the woman decided to get a closer look. In the process, she got really close to a cow and its calf. The animal quickly reacted and knocked her down when she approached.

South Dakota Woman Thrown By Bison

According to Billings Gazette, the woman luckily doesn’t have any serious injuries following the one-on-one with the bison. She got checked out by an ambulance but did not go to the hospital. She now has several bruises to show for it, but the entire incident could have gone much, much worse.

“We encourage visitors to make a conscious effort to give them their space. Whether that cow felt threatened or maybe that person walking didn’t realize she was between a cow and a calf, we’re not too certain on that, but she was close enough to alter that animal’s behavior,” the visitor services program manager from Custer State Park, Kobee Stalder, said to the news outlet.

Wild animals, including bison, are very much unpredictable. When you approach wildlife without understanding their surroundings you run the risk of sustaining serious injuries after an attack.

For some people, bison seem entirely approachable. The wild animal appears docile and somewhat easygoing. But like many animals, bison have protective and aggressive sides. If you happen upon a herd, wait for the herd to move on or slowly back away.

Woman Fights Off Mountain Lion

While some animal attacks are due to humans getting too close intentionally, other times animals will wander into our space.

A 65-pound mountain lion wandered into the front yard of a Southern California home this week. It attacked a 5-year-old boy playing in the yard and left him with wounds on his head, neck, and torso.

According to KTLA, the boy’s mother quickly ran outside and ended up forcing the mountain lion to flee after she hit it several times with her bare hands. The attack is the first in Los Angeles County in over 25 years.

When authorities arrived at the scene, the mountain lion was crouched in the corner in an aggressive stance. After the attack, authorities decided it was best to shoot and kill the animal to prevent any future attacks. While all this was happening, two other collared mountain lions appeared at the scene.

They were shot with non-lethal tranquilizing rifles and relocated. Mountain lions don’t tend to attack as frequently and usually give people space.