Spearfisherman’s Close Call With Great White Shark Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

by Madison Miller

A spearfisherman had an extremely close call with a great white shark. It’s enough to freak us out through the screen, which is really saying something. At least being in the water can hide having a bathroom accident out of pure fear.

David Scherrer is a 22-year-old that decided to go spearfishing 20 miles off the coast of North Carolina’s Outer Banks on December 16.

Spearfisherman Close Call with Shark

He spots a great white shark while they are fishing and decided to start recording. From the looks of it, the shark is about 10-feet long. It looks like it’s going to swim past him, but suddenly turns around and comes right back in his direction.

That’s likely the moment time stood still for Scherrer and it’s when he realized the situation was far from cool now. “At first, I thought it was awesome. It’s a pretty unique experience just to see one, but as it started going towards me, it wasn’t so cool anymore…. Normally when that happens, things end a bit more dramatically,” he said to The Virginian-Post regarding the situation.

Scherrer shared the close encounter on his Instagram page. The shark gets within a few feet before it, very luckily, veers off to the side. It was like the shark was playing games with the spearfisherman just to mess with him.

He even admits to commenters that he came close to shooting the massive beast. He wrote, “If it opened its mouth, I [was going to] shoot.”

Luckily, it didn’t have to come down to that. It’s unclear if that would have killed the shark unless he’s like a character straight out of “Jaws.” These mammals can swim up to 15 miles per hour and have up to 300 razor-sharp, serrated teeth just waiting to latch onto flesh.

Man Killed in Gruesome Attack

Sadly, another man was not as lucky when he encountered a shark.

Tomas Butterfield was identified as the man killed in the Morro Bay shark attack that happened on Christmas Eve. His families and friends were able to identify him and shared that he loved the ocean, fishing, and boogie-boarding.

The attack happened near Morro Strand State Beach.

According to The Sacramento Bee, the coroner has not yet officially released the victim’s name publically. An autopsy is still going on and Facebook has been used to identify the victim.

“My brother (Scott) called and I saw his name pop up on my screen, and I thought, ‘Oh, he’s just called to wish us Merry Christmas.’ But that wasn’t it. I probably learned about (the fatal attack) eight hours after the fact,” Grant Butterfield said of his nephew’s death. He was in town visiting his mother at the time.