Sport Climber Scales World’s Tallest Free-Standing Climbing Tower to Win Free Ford Explorer Parked on Top

by Madison Miller

There’s a lot of things people will do for free stuff — especially a brand new Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid car.

Ford of Norway was offering a free two-year lease on this car to one lucky individual. The catch was this person had to reach some epic new heights first. The individual would have to climb up a 154-foot tower the fastest of all other competitors.

Sport Climbing Competition

As it turns out, this was the tallest free-standing tower of its kind in the entire world. It has aluminum climbing surfaces for sports climbers to quickly race upwards. Ford lifted the brand new car to the very top using a crane.

The event was one of the biggest climbing challenges of the year and was named Explore New Heights at Over in Lillesand, Norway. It helps represent the growing popularity of sport climbing all over the world. It was just included at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well.

Norway is one of the leading countries when it comes to energy-efficient options. That includes the emergence of electric cars in the market.

According to Fox News, there were 14 people that ended up competing for the Ford car. However, it was 21-year-old Leo Ketil Bøe that ended up inside that Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid car by the end of the day. He was able to scale the free tower in only 3 minutes and 33 seconds.

It was an excellent form of marketing for the new Explorer model. It is brand new to the market. If people are willing to climb 154 feet for the car, maybe it’s worth the purchase after all.

Free Climber in London

While Leo Ketil Bøe and 14 others competed in the sports climbing event both for fun and to possibly win a car, another person in London climbed to send a message to the world.

George King-Thompson, a 21-year-old free climber, just scaled a large building in London to draw attention to climate change. He decided to climb up the 36-story Stratosphere Tower completely unaided. He got to the top in less than half an hour.

According to AP News, the climber was arrested two years ago after he scaled another building in London. He decided to climb the 36-story building because it is situated in the Stratford neighborhood. The area is currently suffering from severe flash floods.

“I wanted to raise awareness to the seriousness of climate change at the moment, because only a week before that, there was a heat wave throughout London. I hope to raise awareness by climbing this building to urge political leaders to take action immediately,” King-Thompson said.

He prepared for the climb for a week and even climbed a few floors overnight in secret. He admits it’s a dangerous stunt, but is hoping it can serve as a valuable activist moment.