Squirrel Stumper: Police Think Man’s Claim He Shot Himself Hunting Rodents Sounds Fishy

by Quentin Blount

There are some stories that you literally can’t even make up. One of those stories comes out of Alabama involving a man who evidently shot himself while squirrel hunting.

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office took the lead on the investigation. Captain Paul Burch with the Sheriff’s Office told Fox 10 News that his department was investigating a hunting accident that left one man with a gunshot wound to his shoulder.

“The complainant said he was goofing around the gun and shot himself while squirrel hunting,” Burch said.

Obviously, squirrel hunting is a very enjoyable fall sport. More times than not, early mornings provide the best hunting opportunities. The cool nighttime temperatures help get the squirrels out in the early morning to feel the warm rays of sunlight.

With that said, have you ever heard of anyone squirrel hunting at night? According to the police, that’s what the victim claims he was doing when he accidentally shot himself. That, along with other questionable components of the victim’s story alerted officers that he might not be telling the truth.

“When pressed on trying to find a location and more details on what happened, he became invasive in his answers and just uncooperative,” Burch added. “Once he was treated, he didn’t want to talk to law enforcement anymore. He just wanted to get in his car and leave.”

Eventually, the officers were led to an area near Alabaster court to search for clues. However, once they got there they didn’t find anything at all. Captain Burch called the blatant dishonesty a “waste of resources.”

“You don’t have all of the details. They’ve tied up the resources of the Mobile Police Department and later tied the Sheriff’s office resources. We still have to process the vehicle like a crime scene. They wasted a lot of man hours being untruthful and it’s just aggravating.”

Missouri Poachers Busted with Nearly 500 Charred Squirrels

Speaking of crazy squirrel news, there was a group of Missouri poachers who got busted with nearly 500 burned-up squirrels. That happened just a couple of weeks ago.

A group of 16 individuals was responsible for killing 471 squirrels. Although squirrel hunting is legal in the state of Missouri, there is a limit to 10 squirrels per day.

“Of course, all hunters, regardless of resident status, are welcome and encouraged to hunt in Missouri,” Corporal Brad Hadley said after the poachers were caught. “But all hunters must know the regulations prior to hunting. Gross overlimit of squirrel such as cited [in this case] are damaging to the local populations and it is also stealing from other hunters who abide by the regulations.”

You can read the full story right here.