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Startled Deer Steals Hunter’s Gun, Runs Away With It Stuck in Antlers

by Matthew Wilson
(Photo credit: Steve Adams / Unsplash)

Even animals are thieves these days. Hunters usually are the ones hunting deer. But one hunter found himself on the other end when a deer stole his gun.

The incident happened in the Czech Republic. A man reported his encounter with the woodland creature that left him weaponless after the animal fled with his rifle. The hunter had the .22-caliber Hornet rifle slung over his shoulder while walking. He was hunting in the forests of the South Bohemian Region.

According to Fox News, the man had a couple of hunting dogs along for the trip as well. One of the dogs spooked a nearby deer, which caused it to flee. The animal ended up charging straight for the man as a result. During the attack, the animal’s antlers tore one of the hunter’s sleeves and hung on the rifle’s strap. When the animal whipped its head, it ended up taking the rifle with it.

Police reported the gun wasn’t loaded. In a statement, Czech police said, “The rifle the hunter had hung on his left hand slid down the deer’s antler, fortunately without ammunition and magazine, and disappeared with the deer.”

The Deer Disappeared with The Rifle

Afterward, the man searched for the animal to retrieve his weapon. But the deer must moonlight as a magician because it disappeared. Later, a different hunter reported seeing the animal in a different area, about a mile away. That hunter reported seeing the rifle in the animal’s antlers.

In accordance with the Czech Republic’s Firearms and Ammunition Act, the hunter had to declare the weapon lost.

The gun wasn’t loaded at the time, the hunter told police. Nevertheless, he was forced to declare the weapon missing under the Czech Republic’s Firearms and Ammunition Act. Deers have been known from time to time to get themselves entangled. For instance, a deer recently got a plastic pumpkin stuck to its head at Halloween time.