Stunt Pilot Does the Impossible Breaking World Record Tunnel Flight in Death-Defying Video

by Madison Miller

A stunt pilot pulled off a dangerous, yet equally amazing, stunt today that is sure to blow your mind.

It’s also going to be sitting pretty in the Guinness World Records until someone else dares to try to break the record.

Dario Costa, a 41-year-old Italian stunt pilot, has been training for this moment for about a year. He went where no plane is meant to go or has gone, which are tunnels designed for automobiles on the ground.

Stunt Pilot Flies Through Tunnels

According to For The Win, Costa flew through two tunnels in Turkey this past Saturday in style. He was riding in his Zivko Edge 540 race plane just as dawn was approaching and people were slowly getting out of bed.

It was the best time to take on the daring flight, seeing as the sun would be behind him and not obscuring his vision as he went through the tight tunnel. The video shows Costa as he is parked in front of the first tunnel. He then actually takes off and begins his flight right from there.

All in all, the flight lasted 43.44 seconds and was 1.4 miles in total. He spent 1.0 mile inside the Catalca Tunnels, which are outside of Istanbul. Not only was he able to expertly maneuver through the tunnels, but the stunt pilot was also not at a slow cruise while doing so.

His top speed during the flight was 152 mph. He was only 28 inches to 3 feet above the asphalt, which means that any small improper turn or rotation would cause his wing to clip the ground and result in a deadly crash. He was also working with about 11.5 feet of space in between each wingtip and the tunnel wall.

It was an absolutely epic display of skill and mastery of piloting a difficult maneuvering vehicle.

“Everything seemed to be happening so fast, but when I got out of the first tunnel, the plane started to move to the right because of the crosswinds, and in my head, everything slowed down in that moment. I reacted and just focused on getting the plane back on the right path to enter the other tunnel. Then in my mind, everything sped up all over again,” Costa said regarding the flight.

World Record Status

His name is now deservedly marked with a world record holder status. He now holds the record for longest tunnel flown through with an airplane, the first airplane flight through a tunnel, the longest flight under a solid obstacle, the first airplane flight through two tunnels, as well as the first airplane to take off from a tunnel.

It may have been less than a minute in the air, but it was a long time of training that truly paid off. It’s a sight worth seeing as he marks a lot of firsts in stunt history.

Here at Outsider, we’re always a fan of stepping out of the box and seeing the world from an all-new perspective. Or, in this case, seeing life from a new perspective while cozied up in a stunt plane and sandwiched into a tunnel.