Surfer Surrounded by Sharks Lived Everyone’s Worst Nightmare: PHOTOS

by Taylor Cunningham

While surfer Eli McDonald was on vacation with his fiancé, he found himself in the middle of practically everyone’s worst nightmare. He was out enjoying the turquoise blue waters along the Florida coastline when a shiver of sharks surrounded him.

Just take a look at the pictures his fiancé Laura took from shore.

According to Fox 35, McDonald and his betrothed were on a surf trip near the Sebastian Inlet in Brevard County, Florida. And while he was floating in the water, he ended up right in the middle of a school of fish. A few sharks were nearby and hunting for dinner. And they surrounded McDonald during a feeding frenzy. Luckily, the fish looked more appetizing than him. So he was able to swim away unnoticed. 

“They were jumping everywhere,” he remembered. “One of them hit me in the head and I seen a big tarpon go underneath my board and I didn’t even realize there was a shark behind me.”

And Laura stood on the beach feeling helpless as the situation unraveled.

“I wanted to go scream and run up and down the beach but, you know,” she said. “I knew that he would know what to do in that situation, and I also knew that he would want me to capture whatever I could.”

But McDonald learned nothing from the terrifying experience. According to Fox’s Andrea Jackson, the surfer was back on the water the next day. We commend McDonald for his bravery though. A couple of blood-thirsty sharks can’t keep him from hitting the waves.

These Rare Close-Up Photos of Massive Sharks Haunt Our Dreams

Euan Rannachan has a terrifying job. He’s a photographer who gets up close and personal with sharks. According to the New York Post, he actually loves the razor-toothed predators. But beware. If you look at his photos—which are absolutely stunning by the way—you may have a hard time sleeping tonight.

“I have been fascinated by apex predators all my life including sharks,” Rannachan admitted. “I had always wanted to cage dive with them. And after my first trip [in 2016], I knew it was something I needed to do a lot more of … can tell you once you do it for the first time, you honestly don’t want to get out.” We’ll just take his word for it.

One of Rannachan’s most recent projects was a reenactment of the iconic Jaws poster. The end result is breathtaking. But after noticing the sharp details, such as the shark’s veins and wrinkles, we can’t help but shiver a bit.