Swiss Mountain For Sale on eBay for Only $235k

by Amy Myers

Most of the time, eBay is the prime online location to sell and bid on prized items like vintage 1991 Beanie Babies, one-of-a-kind records and that old car you never got around to fixing. But in 2006, a couple added Swiss mountains to the list of things you can buy from the website.

Situated in Saxon, Switzerland, The Zirkelstein is the smallest of the tabletop mountains in the town. The area is a hotspot for adventurous hikers and climbers near the Elbe Valley. But perhaps the most impressive claim to fame for the small mountain is its portrayal in a famous 19th-century painting.

In the background of Caspar David Friedrich’s 1818 masterpiece, “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog,” lies the Swiss mountain in the eBay listing. Now a part of the Hamburger Kunsthalle museum in Germany, the depiction immortalizes the little home in Saxon, Switzerland. You can find the mountain past the first line of peaks in the painting, up towards the far right corner.

Despite the current owners’ love for their Swiss mountain home, the ad reported that “age-related” reasons have forced them to sell the property. Although originally listed for $1.2 million in 2006, the couple just reduced the price to only $235,000. But, with the good price, comes some conditions for the mountain’s new owner(s).

Ad Listing Has Conditions for New Swiss Mountain Owners

The actual property on the Swiss mountain is about 20 acres, which may seem small considering the country’s other formations. However, the listing ensured interested buyers, “despite its small size and scope, its characteristic shape makes it one of the most striking rock formations in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.”

The listing’s sales manager, Andre Marschner, commented on the rarity of the opportunity to buy the Swiss mountain. He told CBS it was the first and only time he witnessed the property being sold.

For most Outsiders, this is a dream come true. A private mountain at an affordable price? Who wouldn’t want that! And with access to climbing and hiking, there doesn’t seem to be a downside. However, there are some conditions for the Swiss mountain sale.

Because some of the mountain’s property is a part of a national park, the next owner will not have exclusive rights to the surrounding forest. Footpaths and trails will need to be accessible to the public for recreational use. Along with this, the buyers cannot build a fence around the Swiss mountain, according to Renke Coordes, from the state forest management enterprise Sachsenforst.

“However, the owner is the only one allowed to drive a car in the area,” Coordes stated.

For those that don’t mind the occasional visitors, the Swiss mountain sale is still a pretty sweet deal. All it requires is a young and able owner that loves to be in nature.

If this is you, check out the eBay listing under “Unique/ Your own mountain in Saxon Switzerland.” And please, let us know if you buy the mountain!