Teen Girl Hooks Catfish Taller Than She Is, Right After Saying She Had Horrible Fishing Luck

by Amy Myers

Meet Hannah Truscott, the 15-year-old that beat the odds and even proved herself wrong with her record-breaking catfish catch. On August 13 – otherwise known as Friday the 13th – Hannah and her 51-year-old father, Paul, ventured out for another one of their frequent fishing trips in Essex County, England. The fishing duo made their debut on the White Lakes when Hannah was only six years old, and since then, she’s been honing her catfishing skills flawlessly.

Of course, like all experienced anglers, not every trip is going to be successful. Sometimes, you have to endure hours of cold and windy weather only to come home empty-handed. But then there are days when you strike scaly gold, and suddenly those days in the rain are worth the wait. When the Truscotts traveled 100 miles from their Derbyshire home that Friday to see what they could catch, the teen didn’t think she would have much luck. Worried the superstition would crush her chances, Hannah didn’t let herself have high hopes.

“She didn’t think she’d catch anything because of the date, but I said not everyone can be that unlucky,” Paul Truscott told South West News Service (SWNS).

Just when Hannah was sure she wouldn’t get a bite, she managed to haul in humongous 96-pound catfish. The catch was so big that her dad had to help her hold it to take a photo of the impressive accomplishment. In the snapshot, a redheaded teen smiles victoriously, unable to take her eyes off of her enormous fish. Kneeling beside her is Hannah’s father, who, too, appears impressed with the one-in-a-lifetime catch.

“There are men who haven’t caught one over 40 pounds, and they’ve been doing it years,” the proud dad shared. “I think she’s had about 23 in the last four years over 40 pounds.”

Fifteen-Year-Old Girl Brings in 400 Pounds Worth of Catfish

If you think Hannah and her dad headed home after their 96-pound catch, you’d be wrong. Wanting to prove just how lucky she could be on Friday the 13th, the 15-year-old kept on fishing. And her efforts paid off. She caught a total of six fish that fateful day, bringing in her total weight at 400 pounds. Of course, she didn’t bring all of this seafood home. Likely, the expert angler threw back most of her catches, considering the amount of meat that came with her biggest catfish.

According to her dad, Hannah’s accomplishment was completely her own. Over the years, the teen has mastered the reel and become just as good an angler as her father.

“I’ve left her to it and said, ‘I’m not going to help you,’ and over time she’s just mastered it,” Truscott explained, according to Fox News. “She’s learnt how to hang on, she’s spot on at playing them.”