Tennessee Man Hooks Bizarre 41-Pound White and Yellow Bighead Carp

by Jonathan Howard

Talk about a colossal koi! One Tennessee fisherman ended up getting a bighead carp that’s more than worth writing home about. It isn’t every day that you get super excited about carp. The outdoors is full of them. Sometimes, it’s just a fish that gets in the way of what you really want. I’ve had a fat carp break more than a few lines and even a rod in the process. I can’t imagine what it took to bring in this 41-pounder.

While it’s rare to catch a fish this big, it’s even rarer to get one with this coloration. Most likely the white and yellow color, almost like a koi fish you would see in a front yard pond, is caused by leucism. It’s a mutation that affects the pigment of an animal. This fish is a gorgeous specimen.

Check out the photos that Field & Stream has of the fish. Its size is not the only impressive aspect and the coloration is something that most anglers would die for. The fish is rare, that’s for sure. And the man who caught it wasn’t even trying to hook this bighead carp.

“I decided I was going to go ahead and try for just one more [paddlefish],” he said. “And, boy, I’m glad I did. I cast as far as I could, and when I hooked up, that dude took off to the left and would just not stop. The drag was screaming.”

Victor Siwik couldn’t let it get away.

“I saw that white come out of the water and I was like ‘daggum, I cannot lose this fish,'” he went on. “That meant not horsing it in and just letting it play out. When you got one that big on the line, that’s about all you can do. You gotta be easy with them.”

Bighead Carp Excites Fisherman

Siwik was all about this bighead carp. He couldn’t contain his excitement by the sound of his quotes. And, who can blame him? He caught a bigger fish than most people ever will in their lifetime. That’s an accomplishment no matter how you cut it.

“I have never seen or caught a fish like this one in real life,” Siwik explained. “The first thing I thought was ‘thank you god,’ because I knew I was blessed. Then, I was just really excited to show it to my wife.”

The bighead carp likely has leucism, which makes the coloration pale and at times patchy. It basically turned this carp into a giant koi, as you would see at a fancy restaurant. The condition is different from albinism which is a complete lack of melanin and pigment.

The best news of all is that bighead carp are invasive. So, Siwik is doing some great work by getting that behemoth out of the water. He wants to get a replica of his big catch mounted, which will be one of the coolest taxidermy pieces ever.