Tennessee Mother Films Rising Flood Waters, Dies Moments Later

by Madison Miller

Tennessee has been overwhelmed by a monumental, tidal wave of a flood hitting small towns throughout the state.

The flash floods from this past Saturday in Middle Tennesse have killed 21 people and there are still 10 people missing. Of the fatalities, 20 are from the small town of Waverly, which has only 4,100 residents. The other death was in Humphreys County.

Tennessee Floods Kill a Mother

One of the people who passed away from the devastating storm was Linda Almond. According to The Washington Post, she was a 55-year-old living in Waverly. Almond watched from inside her home on Saturday as rainwater surrounded her property. She turned on Facebook Live in the hopes of updating all of her out-of-state friends on what was going on in Tennessee.

She said, “We are being flooded right now. Really scary.” The video was 70 seconds, just a quick update. It was over as quickly as it had started.

Almond was from South Florida but was staying with her son for a couple of months. She was hoping to save money for a car to go on a road trip across the country with a friend of hers. She was on disability for a bad back as well.

Similarly, things were going okay for Almond until her house was overcome by the fierce flood water. She clung to a nearby power line pole so the water wouldn’t overtake her. Sadly, the moving water was too powerful and it swept her away.

Authorities later recovered her body on Sunday. Her son, Tommy, simultaneously was fighting for his life that day. He remained underwater for 45 seconds and when he was back above the water, he couldn’t see his mother anywhere. He found a roof to sit on in order to wait out the flooding.

Almond also had a 25-year-old daughter, Victoria.

Tragedy in Tennessee

Towns in Tennessee have extreme damage to their communities. Cars were swept away, homes are demolished, and dirt covers all the streets.

Some other absolutely devastating news from the Tennessee floods is the death of 7-month-old twins. According to WTVF-TV of Nashville, Rileigh and Ryan were swept away suddenly by the floodwater along with all of the family’s belongings.

The father, Matthew Rigney, awoke to water tearing through the family’s apartment. The mother, Daniella Hall, was able to quickly escape through a window to seek out help. Meanwhile, Rigney had his 5-year-old hanging off his neck, his 19-month-old on his hip, and the twins were in his arms.

The water ended up pulling them under and trapping them underneath a bed. The twins sadly did not make it out of the flood but the other young children did survive.