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Tennessee Poacher Caught on Security Camera Shooting a Turkey in Someone Else’s Yard

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Last Friday, a Tennessee homeowner caught a poacher taking down a turkey from his truck on their property before speeding off with his game. Now, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is asking the public to help them track down the illegal hunter and bring him to justice.

The TWRA released a video of the situation that occurred on April 1, 2022. During the clip, an unknown man in a white pickup slowed down when he spotted two wild turkeys behind the fenceline of someone’s property. He fired a round, and the wounded game struggled into the brush while the other one fled. The Tennessee poacher then exited his vehicle, retrieved the still flapping bird and tossed it into the bed before hurrying down the road. Little did he know that all the while, a camera had captured the entire encounter.

On Facebook, the TWRA reached out to the public to help officers identify the man responsible for poaching the wild turkey.

“The TWRA is requesting help from anyone who may have information regarding the illegal take of a wild turkey in Rutherford County,” the agency wrote. “Friday, April 1, 2022, at approximately 9 am, an individual, seen in this video, shot a turkey from his vehicle off West Webb Road in Eagleville, TN. Anyone with information about this crime is encouraged to call 1-800-255-8972. Please request to speak with the Rutherford or Williamson County Wildlife Officer.”

Hunting Community Responds to Tennessee Poacher

In this type of situation, there really is no defending yourself. Not only are you at an unbelievably unfair advantage from the comfort of your truck, but you’re also in the center of a neighborhood. As good of a shot as the man was, he could have easily missed the turkey and put the home’s residents or other animals in danger. He didn’t just break Tennessee law – the poacher broke the hunter’s code.

Not surprisingly, the response to the video ranged from disbelief to outrage.

“In someone’s front yard?!?!” one Tennessee local wrote. “Are we not all intelligent enough to assume that most everyone has cameras these days? …apparently not!! I hope y’all catch him!!”

As another hunter pointed out, “Not only is the action illegal but the season doesn’t open till tomorrow!!! April 2nd my dude.”

Meanwhile, others shared their own experiences with poachers.

“We have to actively monitor our property because of hunters coming in illegally to hunt. It’s a shame that a few make it tough for the majority,” a third wrote.

Hopefully, with enough surveillance and community awareness, they’ll be able to arraign the poacher. And according to one local, this shouldn’t be too hard, thanks to some key characteristics.

“Should be easy to find, he’s got different rims front and rear, probably wears that same hat all over town. Really destroys the integrity of the hunt,” they wrote.