Texas Anglers Land Two 14+ Pound Bass To Kick Off the New Year

by Matthew Memrick

Two Texas Anglers reeled in two 14-pound bass fish at a popular angling spot to start the new year, and they’ll help future bass anglers.

According to USA Today, Tyler Anderson (14.48 pounds) and Wendell Ramsey Sr. (14.92) caught their massive fish last weekend at O.H. Ivie Lake. The men donated their fish to a statewide program to help biologists “attempt to spawn them to make bigger, better bass to stock and enhance fishing in Texas lakes.” 

O.H. Ivie Lake is about a three-hour drive northwest of Austin.  

In case you’re wondering, the Texas bass record belongs to Barry St. Clair. Clair caught an 18-pound largemouth bass on Jan. 2, 1992. It measured 25.50 inches.

Two Men, Two Bass Tales

Tyler Anderson said he spotted a school fish and pointed his rod in the right direction. The man landed his Jan. 5 prized catch with an Alabama rig in 28 feet of water. It was just his second day of fishing in 2022.

“I stumbled upon a school of what looked to be eight or nine fish,” Anderson told the TPWD. “My cast ended up being a little too short and landed right on top of where they were. My Alabama rig fell right into the school of fish, but I didn’t even have to retrieve the lure.

Anderson said he lifted his pole to reel it in, and “the fish was already on there.”

The West Texas guide Ramsey took his grandsons to the lake on Jan. 8 for his bass catch.

The man used an umbrella rig with 3.5 rage tail swimmers. A fun time for all started as work. Ramsey said he started working on some white and black bass spots before his big fish. Though he didn’t reveal where he began, Ramsey and his grandsons said they moved around before returning to where they started for the day.

The man saw the fish” in about 14 feet of water and quickly grabbed a fishing pole.”

He said he cast past the fish and let it drop for about eight feet before reeling. Next came that great feeling of hooking and setting that bass. But Ramsey said when he set the hook, “it didn’t budge, so I knew it was a really big fish.”

After a short battle and a dip net, he had his trophy fish.

Bass Fish Going To Athens For Program

While Anderson (ShareLunker 609) and Ramsey (ShareLunker 610) recognized, biologists took the “Legacy Class” bass fish to Athens for the 36-year-old Toyota ShareLunker program. The program goes from Jan. 1 to March.

Program manager Kyle Brookshear liked the 2022 season start and predicted another record season for Texas anglers. In 2021, that lake had 12 of 23 Legacy bass for the state for the selective-breeding program.