Texas Anglers Reel in 2 Legacy-Class Fish Over Same Weekend

by Quentin Blount

It was the weekend of a lifetime for a couple of Texas anglers who caught and donated Legacy Class largemouth bass to the state’s Sharelunker program.

Have you ever heard of a Legacy Class fish? We’re sure plenty of you Outsiders have, but for those who don’t know, it’s a fish that is large enough to be used for breeding purposes. The offspring from these fish are then used to stock the lakes across the state of Texas.

The Sharelunker program is the one that Texas anglers Montana Hand and Jonney Smoldas are taking part in. They both reeled in 13-pound largemouth bass over the weekend.

Hand and Smoldas Speak About Their Big Catches

Hand caught a 13.06 largemouth bass while fishing at Possum Kingdom Lake.

“Putting your hands on something built like that is beyond words and I still haven’t grasped it just yet,” Hand told the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. “I’ve only been in this bass fishing game for two years and accomplished something that bass fishermen dream of. I have devoted everything I have to this sport and taken what I have learned from being a professional bull rider’s mental attitude and put it to bass fishing. I am super blessed to be a part of the ShareLunker program and donate ‘Lorie Darlin’ to better Texas Fisheries.”

As for Smoldas, he reeled in a 13.34 largemouth bass over at Houston County Lake.

“The whole experience with the Lunker crew was worth the while and made us feel good. My wife Tammy arrived before they did and videoed the process. It was a good feeling knowing the fish will live and help to produce bigger, better, bass. The ShareLunker program is a way better option than taking the fish home or simply releasing the fish immediately back in the lake. in addition, I feel it was an early birthday present from my dad who passed in March of 2021. Thanks to everyone who made this the catch of a lifetime!”

Texas Anglers Inspire Readers to Reminisce on Their Own Fishing Memories

Readers on Fox News caught wind of the story about the Texas anglers. That led to them remembering their own fishing stories. As a matter of fact, one reader said he even fished at Possum Kingdom Lake. That’s the same lake that Hand recently caught his largemouth.

“Me and my dad used to catch many nice fish (not that nice) at Possum Kingdom back in the 80’s and early 90’s,” one person said. “A guy in another boat caught the biggest Gar I’ve ever seen as they were making such fuss we had to go see what was up.”

Meanwhile, another user recalled their own fishing experiences.

“I spent my summers from age 5 to 15 fishing a 6 acre farm pond with my brother and our uncle outside of Bailey, Mississippi. Best times of my youth. I’m 73 now and the memories are like yesterday.”