Texas Bug Described as a ‘Spider-Scorpion’ Can Shoot Acid and It’s Freaking Out Instagram

by Anna Dunn

A Texas bug being described as a “spider-scorpion” is the stuff of many people’s nightmares. The National park Service’s Instagram posted a photo of the said scorpion from big bend national park, and it’s freaking out social media.

The best part? It’s spider-scorpion season! The caption of the photo explained a bit more about the species.

“It’s a cross between a spider and a scorpion that shoots acetic “vinegar” from a “whip.” That’s it, folks. Have a good one,” the caption said.

“Still with us? This is the bug content you’ve been looking for. The vinegaroon, or whip scorpion, is an arachnid of the order Thelyphonida, a small group of arachnids comprised of only 100 species,” they wrote of the spider-scorpion.

According to the Park Service, the actual name for the creature is a vinegaroon, aptly named for the acid it can shoot. Fun. It’s also referred to as the “whip scorpion” thanks to its whip-like tail. At Big Bend, the rainy storms of the summer months bring them out from their cocoons. This is the season where they search for mates and food, so the summer months are more common for

They are around 3 inches long and absolutely aren’t super aggressive unless you make them angry. Not only can they shoot acid, but they have a mean pinch. However, it’s important to note that vinageroons aren’t venomous. Oh… and the Park Service dropped one more fun fact.

“If you’re lucky enough to see one, look closely. If it’s a female, she may be carrying her hatchlings on her back. Your welcome,” they wrote.

Instagram Reacts to Spider-Scorpion

Needless to say, those on social media had quite the reaction to the vinegaroon.

“I will not be able to sleep tonight knowing this exists in the world!” one of the top comments said.

“Woke up to one of these chilling on my truck tailgate a few years ago in the park. That was the day I decided I like mountains more than deserts,” one adventurer commented.

One person, however, decided to get more practical with the spider-scorpion.

“I was about to say no thanks, but then you mentioned they hunt cockroaches. We’ve had a solid month of rain here… Do you guys deliver?” they wrote.

“I’ll take a close look at a bear before I get closer than a photograph to this “thing”…” another Instagram user wrote.

They aren’t a super common sight, and Big Bend is still worth the visit. With beautiful rocky views and plenty of hiking spots, the park is a great spot to explore, especially in the cooler months. Just… try to get that image of the spider-scorpion out of your mind before you make the trip.