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Texas Fisherman Lands Jumbo 60-Pound Smallmouth Buffalo

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

It’s almost surreal how big this fish is. But, this catch is as they come as one lucky – and dedicated – angler reels in an impressive jumbo 60-pound smallmouth buffalo during one recent fishing expedition.

Austin Anderson has long been known for his talent for catching some impressive smallmouth buffalo. The Texas-based angler even runs his own service, the CarpPro Texas Guide Service. It’s no doubt that Anderson can reel in some impressive catches. However, one recent catch blew some of Anderson’s biggest catches out to the water.

A Texas Angler Reels In An Impressive Smallmouth Buffalo

The big moment happened during a fishing expedition that saw Anderson fishing with a group on Lake Fork in Texas. These two men joining Andreson, David Graham, and Josh Dolin, were traveling to the ara targeting smallmouth buffalo while recording footage for an upcoming series. And, boy did they get some impressive video!

“Lake Fork is arguably the Nation’s top bass fishing lake, but unbeknownst to many, it may be the nation’s top lake for buffalo as well,” Graham explains of the fishing that drew the men to the area.

“Sadly, they’re a relatively unknown species,” the fisherman continues.

“Still, in the tight-knit ring of anglers who pursue a variety of species, the buffalo is a real treasure and a tough fish to master,” Graham adds.

At First, the Fish Weren’t Biting…And Then, They Reel In A Monster Catch

During trips hosted by Anderson, anglers stay in the area overnight, fishing poles are set up 24/7. However, as the anglers set out for this particular trip, things just weren’t evolving as they had hoped. In fact, the group even discussed moving to a different area. Thankfully, however, they decided to stay put.

“Just as I was taking my tent down, one of the rods went off and we caught one,” Austin Anderson recalls. Then, the angler says, things got crazy.

“It was fish after fish after fish,” says Anderson. “It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”

And, the angler says, the smallmouth buffalo kept getting bigger and bigger as the afternoon wore on. One of the members of the group even reeled in a 52-pounder. A catch, the anglers say, they were certain would be the biggest of the trip. However, Anderson hooked something big…all while Graham and Dolin kept the camera rolling.

“I lifted into this thing, and it was just like hitting a brick wall,” Anderson remembers.

“You think you’re snagged, but it’s moving,” the angler explains. “It’s unlike anything else in freshwater—they just pull so hard.”

Anderson Had No Idea How Big the Catch Was

After fighting with the monster catch for about 10 mins, Anderson finally brought the impressive fish to shore. In total, the smallmouth buffalo weighs 60 pounds and 14 ounces and was over 40 inches long.

“I thought it was a big one, but I had no idea it would be a 60 pounder until I saw it in my net,” Anderson says of the smallmouth buffalo. “I was absolutely speechless.”

According to Anderson, this amazing catch is the says largest buffalo he’s caught in ten years. It’s the second-largest he’s landed in his angling career, Anderson adds. His record is a 2012 catch that weighed 63-pound 12-ounces.