Texas Fly Fisherman Lands Gargantuan Blue Catfish That Could Shatter World Record

by Michael Freeman

Catching a huge fish is already enough of an adrenaline rush, but what if you found out it might be record-breaking? A Texan fly fisherman found himself in that situation, snagging a blue catfish that could shatter the current world record.

Ben Christensen landed the massive 31.55-pound catfish on October 11. The angler sported a 4-weight rod while fishing in the Pedernales River. Casting an olive-colored creek damselfly on a 12-pound tippet, the dance between man and fish lasted 40 minutes. As one might imagine, he was eager to share the catch and did so via Instagram.

“Well, I have been enjoying my Flycraft 3-man guide raft,” the caption begins. “Just landed this fat cat at high noon (still standing in the river–breaking news)! 🤪 Anyway, sight-casted him with the Scott Flex 4WT and he grabbed the fly. It was on like Donkey Kong! Took me into the backing, and I fought him for 40 minutes like we were offshore or something.”

The International Game Fish Association reports the 12-pound tippet blue catfish record currently stands at 26 pounds, 4 ounces. This record comes from Florida’s Escambia River in 2018. Speaking to USA Today, Christensen said he absolutely plans to submit the catch details for record consideration.

Ben also said he’s keeping it because he figured the catfish would die soon anyway. “It was old, blind in one eye, and its stomach was empty when we filleted him,” Christensen said. “I took thin fillets off the fish and composted his body in the middle of as piece of land where I hope to plant a wine grape vineyard.”

Angler Left ‘Slightly Panicked’ After Catching a Neon Yellow ‘Mandarin Catfish’

October seems to be prime catfish season for many, as a German angler found himself catching something massive too. In his case, he suspected he snagged a pike only to discover it was an elusive neon yellow Mandarin Catfish.

Field and Stream broke the story of how Martin Glatz landed the monstrous fish earlier this month at a Netherlands lake. Glatz fishes two to three times a week, making him a regular. Speaking to the outlet, Glatz stated he “panicked slightly” when he saw the fish’s color. “At first, I was expecting a big pike. The fight was comparable to a large 47-inch pike. When I saw what color the fish was, I panicked slightly and yelled at my brother to call for the net.”

Glatz ended up releasing the fish after snapping some photos with it, stating he hopes it grows to be “very big.” Like Christensen, he posted it to Instagram, saying “Friends, I still can’t quite believe how beautiful the little guy was. I’m still overwhelmed.”