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Texas Game Wardens Report Rise in Theft from Hunting Leases and Camp Sites

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Tim Foster on Unsplash

If you used isolated camps during the hunting season, you may want to make sure you’re keeping an eye on your belongings.

Hunting Site Theft

According to an article from KTRE ABC 9, local game wardens are reporting more thefts and leases in their counties. Residents pay money to lease their area, yet there are still thefts being reported.

Thieves have learned that many of these campsites have expensive items. Whether it’s vehicles or high-end camping or hunting gear, the loss can be detrimental to an avid hunter.

“We come in and we leave our four wheelers and stuff there … Most thieves know that. They broke into my camper. There wasn’t anything there to steal, but they broke the windows just to check it out. I had a buddy with a Honda Foreman stolen; a 2008 camo four-wheeler. They stole my buddy’s safe. There wasn’t much in it I don’t believe, but I think a lot of people have this problem,” said a Texan resident in the article.

A lot of the problem has to do with how long the sites are left unoccupied. Many hunters have remote hunting camps that they will leave stocked until hunting season comes back. When they return, they are noticing that things are missing. These remote sites are easy to steal from.

Cameras are now recommended equipment to keep at your campsite to make sure any theft can be documented. In addition, game wardens are saying to make sure expensive belongings are being brought back. This means taking things like firearms and ATVs back with you. The other option is locking them up.

Camping and RV Theft

While hunters leave their camps for a whole season, those who are just out camping or have an RV or camper are also at risk.

Many RV campers will leave their vehicle to go explore for the day, but this means a risk of theft. Others with travel trailers could unlatch their vehicle and go explore. This could mean someone else could come grab the unoccupied trailer.

So, how can you prevent theft in these situations?

One way is to use padlocks on the wheels and chains of a vehicle. This will make it impossible for someone to drive away with it. Another option is to leave the jacks down.

For motorhomes, try installing a hidden switch that can disable the ignition system or raise the drive wheels of the ground. Also, installing more locks and deadbolts or even a security system can protect a mobile home.

For camping, it’s similar to hunting sites. Make sure belongings are kept close to you and choose smart sites. Also, get to know any neighboring campers. Then, leave expensive items in a locked vehicle or at home. Padlocks on the tent are like a welcome sign to thieves, so avoid this.