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Texas Game Wardens Use Social Media to Catch Poacher

by Chris Haney
Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Last week, Texas Game Wardens discovered an illegally hunted whitetail deer through social media because of an Angelina County teenager who bragged online about killing the buck.

According to officials, the teenager was arrested after essentially telling on himself with his social media post. The local teen posted pictures of the deer on his Facebook account, and said he killed it with a bow.

The buck was known to hang around a hayfield at night near a road in southern Angelina County. When game wardens arrived to inspect the area that the buck frequented, they saw tracks on the ground where the buck was dragged from the hayfield to the road.

As authorities continued their search, the buck’s carcass and hide were both found in a nearby creek. The wardens took the carcass in for further inspection. Yet, they were skeptical that the teen killed the deer with a bow and arrow like he claimed. So officials called in another game warden who is a bowhunting expert for a second opinion.

“After a quick examination, the wardens agreed the deer had been shot with a rifle and then a bow,” said the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. 

Therefore the teenager did not follow the local archery season laws. In fact, he even tried to cover up his illegal hunt with his bow after the initial kill shot from a rifle. In Texas, Angelina County’s archery season runs from Oct. 3 to Nov. 6, which means it was illegal for the teenager to use his rifle.

Game wardens contacted a family friend of the teenager and relayed their evidence that the buck had been poached. The teen came clean to TPWD and made a full confession. The teenager’s charges have not been disclosed as of yet.