Texas Hunter Tossed in Air by Wild Boar, Shoots It Lying on His Back

by Michael Freeman

In nightmare scenarios, sometimes hunters truly become the hunted and have to fend off would-be prey. This happened with a Texas hunter recently, with a boar tossing him in the air during their encounter. Only after landing on his back was he able to spot and shoot it, landing the kill.

Hunting at night in Texas, Brenden Bennett could hear and smell a boar, but couldn’t see it. “I came around the corner and shined the light, and all the corn was gone. I could smell a hog, but I couldn’t hear him. Nothing,” he told Outdoor Life. That’s when the boar struck. Plowing into Bennet, he flew through the air and landed flat on his back. It was only at this time the boar became visible, so he took his rifle, aimed, and fired.

The incident occurred on November 21 last year, after he spotted a lone boar on one of his feeding cameras. By the time he arrived, darkness had fallen, so he set up a few hundred yards away on the far side of a pine thicket. Having only his cell phone and a Surefire work light, visibility was poor. He finally approached the feeder with his work light and noticed the corn was missing.

“I clicked the safety off and somehow still managed to hold the light against the rifle,” Bennett said after the boar knocked him into the air and he landed on his back. “The gun wasn’t shouldered, but I pointed it over my feet at him and pulled the trigger. He squealed and did a donut, and then ran 20 yards and died.”

Miraculously, Bennett escaped unscathed, physically, at least. Stating his knee buckled when he tried standing, he realized it was shaky nerves and he suffered no injuries.

Georgia Hunter Goes to Retrieve Downed Buck, Gets Gored in Leg

Boars aren’t the only game striking back at hunters lately, it seems. In Georgia, after going to retrieve a seemingly-dead buck, a hunter instead was gored in the leg.

Jonathan Stevens is the hunter in question and found himself with more than he bargained for while hunting in November in Swainsboro, Georgia. Landing a shot on the buck, Stevens began trailing the deer through the woods until he found it on the ground. Believing it to be dead, he grabbed the antlers which made the buck spring to life. Sharing the ordeal on Facebook, he was shaken up, to say the least.

Stevens had to go to the ER for his injuries and while there, his sister and her husband tracked down the buck and found it died after running away. Not missing a beat, the first thing Jonathan said he did after being released was get a good look at the deer.