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Texas Man Gets Shot in the Face After Bullet Bounces off Armadillo

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Ricardo Funari/Brazil Photos/LightRocket via Getty Images)

This Texas gent tangoed with the wrong prey – and spoiler alert – the armadillo is just fine. The “gentleman”, who chooses to remain anonymous, claims he only shot at the armadillo after it refused to vacate his premises. In short: the vermin wouldn’t get off his lawn.

KLTV has coverage of the story, citing the man feels “several shots” were necessary to remove the armadillo from his property. What’s worse, the man had to be airlifted to a nearby Cass Co. hospital. His jaw was then wired shut as a result of his rapid-fire.

The unidentified man told Cass County sheriff’s deputies he fired several shots at the animal, when one of the shots ricocheted back and struck him instead. The shooting occurred just before 3 a.m. Thursday in Marietta, which is located about 40 miles southwest of Texarkana. The bullet struck the man in the jaw, Cass County Sheriff Larry Rowe told Reuters. The injured man was airlifted to a hospital, where his broken jaw was wired shut, Rowe said. 

Nine-banded armadillo, TEXAS, UNITED STATES (Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Foiled by Solid Bone Texas Armadillo Armor

Little does this Texas resident know (we’re assuming) that the armadillo he was firing upon isn’t just another squishy rodent. Armadillos aren’t just covered in any old armor – the plates on their back are solid bone. Correspondingly, each section armoring their back grows straight out of their vertebrae. The number and pattern of the banded plates range from three to nine, depending on the species. Judging by the location of this particular fellow, he must be a nine-banded armadillo (seen above). This common species is the only to naturally occur in North America. The other twenty species are native to Central and South America.

(Photo By: MyLoupe/UIG Via Getty Images)

Regardless of the number of plates, we’re willing to bet that this Texas homeowner will hesitate before firing on the next armadillo he sees. Texas could use a little less unbelievable headlines of late, so here’s to hoping!