Texas Man Suffers ‘Freak Accident’ During Hike as ‘Stick Punctures His Brain Through His Eye’

by TK Sanders

A Texas man lost sight in one eye after a gruesome, “freak” accident while hiking with his son in Canada. Edward Steinkamp of Allen, Texas, is lucky to be alive after a “beautiful experience” became “suddenly tragic,” according to a GoFundMe created to help cover his medical expenses.

The fundraising campaign elaborated by saying Steinkamp and his son, Bret, “left for a lifetime opportunity” in British Columbia on April 30, before tragedy struck.

A fallen tree apparently blocked the path on the trail, and Steinkamp tried to walk on the log instead of treading through the mud. He fell from the log and landed on a branch that went through his left eye, reaching into his brain, People magazine writes.

“He ended up with a stick puncturing his brain through his eye,” the campaign, which has raised about $17,000 of its $200,000 goal, reads. “It took [the Pacheedahl First National Guardians] 6 hours and a refueling [stop] before they could get him,” the campaign also says.

Doctors rushed Ed into surgery upon arrival at the hospital and then admitted him into the ICU. He initially went through an operation that removed the branch, while another procedure on Friday drained the infection. Cultures will help tailor the medicine needed or confirm he is on the right antibiotics.

“He has been moved into their Neuro Trauma Ward, where he is currently under the care of a neurosurgeon,” the campaign continues. “Ed is now fighting infection and is in much pain.”

One freak accident on a hike will forever affect the Steinkamp family’s lives

Apparently the entire debacle triggered an enormous bill of expenses for Steinkamp and his family.

“The costs for this are enormous; from the airlift rescue and the medics who attended to him, to the brain surgery and needed drugs, the ambulance rides to the Ophthalmologist, the CT scans, as well as the lengthy and undetermined time he will need to remain hospitalized in the special ward, as well as Wendy and Bret’s hotel stay bills,” the campaign reads.

Ed can’t fly for months after the neurosurgery, so the family will need to rent a car and drive him home, as well. Susan Lowe, the campaign’s organizer, said that Ed needs to focus on recovery, not finances during this difficult time.

“This fundraiser is so that Ed can concentrate on getting well and not worry about how he will take care of his family or pay for these bills. Please help us achieve our goal. Ed has touched so many of our lives with kindness and laughter. He has never turned down any one of us whenever we have asked for help or in our time of need. Let us now help him in his,” the campaign concluded.

Ed’s son, Bret, told media that “everything is very fluid” right now. He also said that he and his father share plenty of experience backpacking, and always follow safety protocols. Ed has been backpacking since he was a teenager and runs marathons. The fall was a “random freak accident,” Bret said.