Texas Mother Loses Her Leg After a Spider Bite

by Amy Myers

Texas mother of two Bridgette Garza is lucky to be alive after what seemed like a pimple turned out to be a flesh-eating bacteria. Garza contracted the bacteria from what doctors believe was a spider bite on her rear-end in October 2020.

Originally, when Garza noticed the bump on her backside, she didn’t think much of it. She experienced minimal pain in the first few days after the spider bite. However, Garza hesitated to see a doctor since coronavirus cases were on the rise. Soon, the pain in her legs quickly intensified over the next few days until eventually, Garza began blistering and hallucinating.

Her family got her to doctors, but the 39-year-old mother doesn’t remember even arriving at the hospital. Instead, she woke up in the hospital bed, confused and frightened. That’s when she noticed that one of her legs stopped at her knee. She described the moment when doctors greeted the recovering patient, noting that one medical professional was “amazed” that she even woke up.

“When he uncovered me, I couldn’t see anything past my knee and began crying,” Garza explained.

As Garza soon discovered, she contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a vicious flesh-eating bacteria. Doctors believe that the bacteria spread from the spider bite and into her leg. Doctors had to perform several procedures to save the remainder of the mother’s leg, including skin grafts and partial amputation. However, her chances of survival were slim. According to the spider bite victim, she only had a two percent chance of surviving the flesh-eating bacteria and life-threatening surgeries. She later discovered that the medical team told her family to be prepared to say their goodbyes.

Spider Bite Victim Found Motivation for Recovery Through Her Children

Once Garza moved past the initial shock of losing her leg, she quickly realized that there wasn’t anything she could do to change her circumstances. So, she focused all of her energy on her recovery and her children.

“At first, I thought it was the end of the world, I couldn’t take more than two steps at a time using a frame,” the spider bite victim shared. “But I never broke down, I didn’t dwell on it.”

She continued, “I had to make the best out of the situation and work my hardest to get a prosthetic leg.”

Garza knew that her two teenagers at home needed their mother and there wouldn’t be time to throw herself a “pity party.”

Following her procedures, Garza impressed doctors further with her quick recovery. Within eight months, she could walk again, despite her Type 1 Diabetes. Now, nearly a year later, Garza is once again fully independent. She also hoped that her story would be a source of inspiration to other amputee patients and her children.

“I want to show my kids that you can’t give up,” she said.