Texas Police Officers Have to Run Down Runaway Sheep, Form a Wall to Capture Them in Wild Photos

by Courtney Blackann

Yee-haw! If this isn’t the most Texas thing ever, we don’t know what is. A few criminals tried their best to remain at-large in San Antonio. But, alas, they were cornered by several police officers. Before the runaway culprits were hauled off, they needed a good reminder of just ‘who the law is in these parts’ (said in your best Texas twang, obviously).

However, this was no typical jailbreak. The suspects in question were a couple of runaway sheep, according to Officer.com.

The animals were spotted having a bit of a joyride in a field near Texas 151, a busy access road. The officers knew they needed to work quickly to get the animals away from danger in the road.

In some epic photos shared on Facebook, a display of police officers and staff members from Animal Care Services (ACS) are seen attempting to rope the animals. ACS is one of few shelters in the country to train its officers to safely rope animals. When that didn’t work, officials banded together to form a human wall in order to corner the animals.

“Officers Winckler and Austin quickly spotted the sheep enjoying a little bit of grass but the animals were not thrilled with being spied on and they got spooked. The sheep ran towards the TX 151 access road and a now much larger group of officers formed human walls to keep the sheep from jumping onto the highway,” a Facebook post by ACS said.

Catching the Culprits

However, the sheep were a bit difficult to corral.

“No luck and the sheep jumped a retaining wall. They made their way onto the highway prompting the police to block westbound traffic so the ACS officers could give it another shot. In short order, the group of officers guided the sheep off the highway and back towards the shelter across the access road,” the post continues.

Several law enforcement made sure to block the roadways so the sheep could be carefully and safely detained. After about 30 minutes, the animals were captured. They were safely returned to their shelter.

Runaway Animals

Though the incident is a bit wild, it’s certainly not the first time animals have escaped their pens. Several zebras kept escaping a Wisconsin farm this September. A witness saw the animals galloping down the road. When he got closer to the animals, he noticed they weren’t horses, but zebras, and called 911 to report the incident. They were safely returned.

In yet another event, a more dangerous animal – a rhino – escaped a Nebraska zoo. And somehow (we’re not too sure) a giant tortoise was caught escaping his home for a third time in Arkansas.