Texas Residents Warned About Brain-Eating Amoeba in Tap Water

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Tim Graham/ Getty Images)

Residents in southeast Texas have been warned not to drink from the faucet due to a brain-eating amoeba living in their water. 

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality sent out a public health warning on Friday. Officials in several communities and cities surrounding Houston told residents to avoid drinking or using tap water in their homes, due to the dangerous amoeba, naegleria fowleri, contaminating it. 

The Texas Commission has warned 11 municipalities about the killer. Some of these areas include Lake Jackson, Rosbenburg, and Brazoria, along with many others. These towns should avoid drinking tap water and also showering for the time being. Residents may, however, flush the toilet without issue. 

The Brazosport Water Authority made officials aware that traces of naegleria were in their supply lines. This is the only type of naegleria that will infect humans. 

As of Saturday, many of the cities are off the list, while Lake Jackson is still on the red alert list with a boil order in place.

The water company said that the amoeba is finally out of the system. Furthermore, they report that enough scientific testing has been done to ensure it is gone in those areas. 

Rare Outbreak in Texas

According to the CDC, naegleria fowleri infections are rare, however. “In the ten years from 2009 to 2018, 34 infections were reported in the U.S.,” said their website. “Of those cases, 30 people were infected by recreational water, three people were infected after performing nasal irrigation using contaminated tap water, and one person was infected by contaminated tap water used on a backyard slip-n-slide.”

In addition, signs of the amoeba in your body take, on average, five days to show signs. Symptoms include a “terrible” headache, vomiting, fever, as well as disorientation.

However, some people on Twitter are blaming this on the year 2020 and all the plot twists it has brought with it. 

So basically, you could be gambling between having COVID, a flesh-eating amoeba living in your brain, or a hangover. Good luck out there!