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Thanksgiving 2020: Why Your Table Isn’t Big Enough to Handle the Largest Turkey

by Madison Miller
Photo by Ruth Caron on Unsplash

It seems like every Thanksgiving, people are adjusting the size of their turkey.

Last year it was too big way too many leftovers (and the frozen turkey just didn’t sit the same way). The year before was too small. Only a few slim slabs remained on the table.

It may seem hard, maybe even stressful, to pick out the perfect turkey. It requires knowing how many guests are coming, how much they usually eat, and the extent to which your family eats leftovers.

The Turkey King

According to Inside Edition, the largest turkey ever recorded was an 86-pound stag named Tyson. The turkey was named champion of the 1989 London “Heaviest Turkey” competition.

The bird was auctioned for $6,692, according to Guinness records. This is way less than the typical grocery store turkey.

However, the legend of Tyson is incomplete. The large bird was either gobbled up or spared for his honorable status, no one is sure.

There’s some slight irony of his name being Tyson. Tyson is one of the most popular meat-selling companies. That includes chicken, beef, pork, and, well, turkey.

At least it’s name wasn’t Butterball.

Other Record-Breaking Thanksgiving Foods

According to Guinness World Records, the largest macaroni and cheese was made by Cabot Creamery Cooperative and Chef John Folse & Company. The mac was made in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2010. The recipe had an almost 2,000-pound kettle and used 575 pounds of macaroni.

In 2015, people broke the world record for the most mashed potatoes. It later came to a whopping total of 2,641 pounds.

For lovers of dessert, the 3,699-pound pumpkin pie made in Ohio in 2010 still holds the world record for largest pumpkin pie.

Organizers at a wine festival in Lebanon claimed the largest serving of wine world record, perhaps the most important staple of a meal. The glass was about 100 bottles of wine and was 2.4 meters high and 1.65 meters wide, according to Reuters.

Imagine sitting at a table with all that food this Thanksgiving. The cure to 2020.