The Best Hunting Gloves Heading Into 2021’s Hunting Seasons

by Clayton Edwards

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your hunting kit is a good pair of gloves. No matter where or what you’re hunting, keeping your hands warm, dry, and protected should be a priority. With that in mind, we’re going to look at some of the best hunting gloves on the market right now.

Whether your season is still going or you’re counting the days until opening day, it’s always a good time to pick up a good pair of gloves. Unfortunately, no one glove will excel in all applications. Luckily, the market is full of purpose-built gear for just about any hunting situation.

Best Duck Hunting Gloves

Wet gloves are kind of like wet socks. There aren’t many things worse. This is especially true if you’re already out in the cold. Duck hunters know all about cold wet hands, especially if they’re placing decoys and breaking ice with bare hands or bad gloves. We’ve got some great options for your next pair of duck hunting gloves.

Glacier Glove Decoy Glove

These gloves are ideal for keeping your hands warm and dry. They also allow for some serious grip. They’re elbow-length neoprene gloves with a 2mm thick fleece lining. This means that your hands and forearms will stay dry and warm while you’re putting out decoys and picking them up. The seamless shark skin textured palms ensure a good grip on your decoys even when wet.

DecoyPro Decoy Gloves

These gloves offer much of the same benefits as the Glacier gloves with a couple of extra perks. Firstly, the fleece lining on the inside of these is over twice as thick at 5mm. This offers a higher level of comfort and warmth. They’re also a little cheaper. So, if you’re looking for something a little softer on your hands and your wallet, these might be for you.

Best Cold-Weather Hunting Gloves

When you’re spending hours out in the cold, you feel it in your hands first. No matter what you’re hunting, if your hands are cold and stiff, it’s going to be hard to make your shot. So, check out some of these cold-weather gloves to keep your mitts warm.

Sitka Incinerator Flip Mitt

These are the best of both worlds. They offer the warmth of an insulated wind-proof mitten. and the dexterity of form-fitting gloves. The palms are leather, so they will stand up to just about anything you throw at them on your hunt. They’re also textured to have a no-slip grip. When it’s time to take your shot, you don’t need to worry about taking a glove off. Just flip the insulated mitt back and you’re good to go.

Carhartt W.P. Waterproof Insulated Mitt

From the job site to the tree stand, Carhartt is one of the most trusted brands. If all else fails, you can on Carhartt to be affordable and reliable. These waterproof mitts are no exception. While they don’t offer the added dexterity of the Sitka flip-over mittens, these will keep your hands good and warm while you wait on that buck to wander into your lane.

They are all synthetic. The shell and lining are polyesters and the palm is polyurethane. The thumb and finger areas are textured for a no-slip grip. The inner lining wicks sweat away from the hand and the outer shell is designed to dry quickly. These may not be as rugged or versatile as the other cold-weather entry, but for the price, they’re hard to beat.

Best Shooting Gloves for Hunters

If you’re not hunting an area that is incredibly cold or wet, you can sacrifice some warmth for better dexterity. These gloves allow you to get your shot off quickly without having to worry about any extra steps.

Sitka ESW

These gloves may have been designed with bowhunters in mind, but if you’re hunting with a firearm you’ll find them just as useful. These are definitely some of the best hunting gloves for places where it doesn’t get too cold.

The back of the glove is constructed from tough, durable nylon. The palm is synthetic leather. The thumb and forefinger are exposed but the area around the exposed digits is reinforced. These gloves are meant to keep your hands warm and safe while still allowing for maximum dexterity.

If you’re not an archer, you’ll still find these gloves incredibly useful. The exposed trigger finger means that you can have perfect finger position on the trigger without anything getting in your way. The exposed thumb allows you access to your touch screen without removing your glove. This is great for those who can check their kills electronically or need to fire off a quick text on the way out of the woods.

ArcheryMax Three-Finger Archery Gloves

These are strictly for archers. Not many other hunters would get much use out of these gloves. However, they’ve been hailed as some of the best bow hunting gloves on the market.

The thin yet durable cowhide leather allows for maximum protection and dexterity. They are tough enough to stand up to whatever archers throw at them but thin enough to get a proper feel of the string. The lightweight design allows for comfortable all-day wear.

Best Hunting Gloves on a Budget

If you’re trying to outfit yourself for the upcoming season on a budget, there’s no need to skip the gloves. There are some solid budget options that will, at the very least, be better than being barehanded.

Carhartt Gauntlet

These are a great budget pick. If you need a solid all-around glove and don’t hunt in an extreme climate, these no-nonsense gloves will probably check all the boxes for you without breaking the bank.

The gauntlet is comparable to the Carhartt mitten above as far as durability and materials. These come in a camo pattern for better concealment in the field. They are windproof and waterproof. The cuff and adjustable strap allow you to tuck your sleeve into the glove and cinch it down for better overall coverage.

Brown Jersey Gloves: Old Faithful

As long as it’s not too cold or wet, these classic jersey gloves are all you need. They’re cheap enough to buy several pairs at a time and sturdy enough to last as long as you need them to. The lightweight fabric slim fit means that you can shoot with them on. There are some cons to these, though. If you get them wet, you might as well take them off. It’s like a wet sock on your hand. On the other hand, you can carry a second pair just in case. If it temps drop too low and the wind picks up, these won’t help too much. Any other time, they’re some of the best budget gloves you can find.

You can also pair these with the gauntlets or mittens. They’re an extra layer and will provide some coverage while pulling your mitten off and taking the shot. They’re just good to have around, honestly.

As 2020 comes to a close, we look towards 2021 to bring bigger harvests and more time outdoors… these gloves are sure to make that experience even better.