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The Biggest Treehouse Resort in the World to Open Near Great Smoky Mountains National Park

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

It’s springtime, again, folks. What that means for so many folks all across the country is that it’s time to get back out into the outdoors and explore all the wonderful parks and campgrounds all around our great country. One of the premier spots in the Great Smoky Mountains. Indeed, for folks looking to branch out a bit in 2022, the biggest treehouse resort in the world will soon open near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

It all started with their own family. Amanda and Brian Jensen built a big-time treehouse for their children years ago. They packed it out with bunk beds to a trap door to a zipline. The family built the perfect treehouse for their kids. However, they got older and things changed. Then, though, they stayed at another treehouse resort in South Carolina. That’s where the lightbulb went off. So, they began working on turning their treehouse into its own resort in the Smokies.

She told Travel + Leisure about it, “After the kids decided they were on to more important things than playing in it, we joked about renting it out because treehouses were becoming ‘a thing.'” Now, people are chomping at the bit to stay at different kinds of resorts. Like a treehouse. The plan is to call it The Sanctuary Treehouse Resort. Even better for the older folks, the resort will sit on two golf courses along with 40 acres of land in total.

What Will Treehouse Resort in the Smoky Mountains Entail?

According to their website, “The Sanctuary Treehouse Resort will provide Smoky Mountain visitors with a lodging experience that is unlike anything they have ever had before. There are plans for three types of treehouse rentals: Tree Fort, Tree Fort Double, and The Luxe. Tree Fort will accommodate 2-6 guests and feature unique amenities such as a spiral slides, custom drink shoots for bottles and cans from the kitchen to the lower porch, telescopes, bucket pulley’s, swings, secret ladders, escape hatches, rope climbs, LED and wood burning fireplaces, and more.”

So, there will be three different types of options for guests to stay in.

The website statement continued, “Tree Fort Double has all of the same features as Tree Fort, but has a drawbridge connecting two treehouses that can be raised and lowered for group accommodations. The Luxe will accommodate couples and features upscale amenities, fixtures and decor including copper clawfoot tubs, bidet automatic heated toilet systems, outside tubs on bottom level porches, suspended outdoor day beds, custom tiled showers and more.”

It’s going to be a huge option for folks who visit the Great Smoky Mountains each year. This is a different way of enjoying all the Smokys have to offer travelers from all around the country.