These Michigan Bow Hunters Swear They Saw a Sasquatch Brawl in the Wilderness

by Michael Freeman

Sasquatch stories always seem to pop up now and then, so hearing one isn’t out of the ordinary. However, what is strange is when two of them are involved. Stranger still is a couple of bowhunters claiming to have witnessed a brawl between them in the wilderness.

While on a recent adventure in Michigan, a pair of bowhunters claim to have encountered not just one Sasquatch, but two. Speaking on the “Sasquatch Chronicles” podcast, one of the hunters who saw the Bigfoot fight detailed the encounter.

“The thing was huge! I’m talking massive! And it was right next to one of the railroad signs, and the railroad signs were 10 foot, and its head probably stood a good half-foot over the sign.”

Recognizing sightings like this are typically bears walking on their hind legs, the hunter quickly denies the claim.

“It’s not a bear because we know what bears look like. He shined it on whatever it was, and the thing just sucked it up like it was a sponge. You could see the silhouette of it, but the hair on this thing just sucked it up.”

After shining a flashlight on the creature, the pair were shocked to hear something in the distance. The ensuing screams and noises led the two to believe a pair of Bigfoot began fighting. “Something was going down there, fighting, and I mean, it sounded like two T-Rex’s going at it. Branches were snapping; you could hear hollering and growling.”

“And we’re still sitting up there shaking, and it’s still dark… we sat there for like 15-20 minutes sitting there… Then we had enough nerve to get down to the truck, and we got the hell out of there.”

Whether it truly was a duel between the two behemoths remains to be seen.

Minnesota Town Deemed Bigfoot ‘Hot Spot’ for Encounters Reports Another Sighting

Though Michigan is popular for Bigfoot sightings, a Minnesota town frequently experiences them too. Deemed a Sasquatch “hot spot,” the latest sighting occurred on July 26.

Remer, Minnesota may only sport a population of 388 people, but it proudly calls itself the “Home of Bigfoot.” The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team‘s Facebook post claims the encounter occurred around 9:15 p.m. According to the team, a semi-truck driver witnessed the creature in the middle of the road that night. Managing to get within 300-400 feet before it moved north, the driver describes it as 10 feet tall and black in color.

Unfortunately, when commenters asked for specifics such as the location and other important facts, the research team said it was “confidential.” This led to many doubting the validity of the post, but Remer is known for its Bigfoot sightings. These observations even spurred the town to create its own research team. The town also hosts the Minnesota Bigfoot Conference every year.