These Videos of California’s Lightning Storms Are Absolutely Wild

by Shelby Scott

Mother Nature possesses some true talent and last night she put on quite the light show across Southern California. Videos from across the state capture a collection of wild lightning strikes and flashes, large white strikes lighting up the sky and repetitive flashes illuminating the night. Check out a couple of them below.

While no doubt fascinating, the above clip captures the absolute insignificance of us and our major cities across the United States. The repetitive strikes capture the absolute might of nature compared to human construction as the city skyline gets absolutely dwarfed.

While the previous clip captures the might of storms overall, the second clip shows one of the LA lightning strikes snaking its way across the sky. It highlights storms’ unpredictability and the dynamism of lightning itself.

Nevertheless, while numerous videos capture the artistry of the bright flashes across the sky, the lightning storms still posed an incredible danger to CA residents.

Due to the ferocity of the storm, the L.A. County Fire Department emphasized that people should remain inside, away from the storm and lightning strikes. Additionally, beaches in the region rapidly closed as danger from lightning strikes remained highly likely.

Newsweek reported a total 101,132 power outages across the state Tuesday morning out of a total of 12.7 million customers. The total included facilities and residences at UC Irvine university, with several student housing locations depending on backup power.

Lightning Ignites Brush Fires Across Southern California

More so than anything, however, the lightning storms across the Western state ignited still more brush fires, not including the ones fire crews have been battling all wildfire season.

Sunday night saw the National Weather Service in Los Angeles report minimal rainfall alongside the lightning storms. In addition, they reported gusty winds combined with dry fuels, furthering the potential of increased brush fires.

Unfortunately, predictions were accurate. The Sandiego Union-Tribune reported a handful of brushfires reported by CA residents. Additionally, the local outlet quoted San Diego sheriff’s Lieutenant William Amavisca claiming there are “tons of fires right now” throughout the county. He further reported a case of at least one house fire ignited by the lightning strikes.

What also made the devastating natural occurrence even more unique is that California rarely experiences thunderstorms. And while reports from last night’s lightning storms were accompanied by little rainfall, it nevertheless is a memorable event.

Newsweek additionally reported that 2020 saw an even more intense thunderstorm, consisting of more than 2,500 lightning strikes. The end result came with dozens of wildfire ignitions.

Of last year’s thunderstorm, UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain said, it was “probably the most widespread and violent summer thunderstorm event in memory for Bay Area.”