This Arkansas-Based Startup Wants to Bring Private Landowners Into the Camping Business

by Quentin Blount
Photy by LEILA NAVIDI/Getty Images

This article is perfect for any of you private landowners or for any of you who simply love camping.

Outsiders — there is a new Arkansas-based company out there called Explore Eden. They have a singular goal of matching up up campers with cool, unique private outdoor spots. So, if you are a landowner with a beautiful property, this may be a great way to make some extra money on the side.

Coleman Davis is the director of operations for Explore Eden. He currently lives in Fayetteville, but he grew up in the Tulsa area.

“It’s pretty much open to any landowner who has property that they would be willing to rent out,” he told Tulsa World. “It could be cabins or just a nice area of land for campers.”

Do you have a property that fits the bill? Just think of all of the amazing pieces of land out there that could potentially be listed on Explore Eden. It’s definitely a unique idea. Speaking of which, Davis told the story of how the founder of the company came up with the plan in the first place.

“Our founder had purchased some land in Arkansas. He didn’t really love the state parks system and really didn’t like what it provided. Quickly after that, they had some friends reach out and asked if they could stay on the land and they were willing to pay. He said, ‘No, you can stay here for free.’ But that’s kind of where the idea came from.”

Explore Eden Currently Has 21 Private Sites Available

Explore Eden is just getting started, folks. There is no better time than now to link up and list your property if you have one that fits their criteria. According to a news release put out by the company, Explore Eden “solves the problem of expensive and confusing-to-plan camping trips and overcrowded state parks and campsites by unveiling once hidden land and opening it up to the public for a safe, custom, outdoor camping experience.”

As it currently stands, the company has 21 private sites available in northwest Arkansas and Missouri. With that said, they are always looking to expand to Tulsa and other areas of Oklahoma.

“If we get a call from someone, say, in Broken Bow (far southeastern Oklahoma), we are looking for them, too.”

Davis also detailed how the company can potentially provide RVs, tents, and other gear for people who want to camp but don’t have the equipment.

“Most people can’t afford $30,000 for a camper. But that’s something we could provide. When we go to new markets, we are looking for other companies to partner with us, as well.”

He said that for the most part, the company prioritizes “out of the way” destinations.

“What we want to stay away from are places that are not unique. I’m not going to list my backyard on there. We want to make sure we provide a good, luxurious piece of property.”